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Why We Love Testosterone (And Why You Should Too!)

Strongman contests – spectacular demonstrations of high testosterone at work. Huge men prepare themselves mentally and physically, showing ultimate masculinity as they attempt feats of extreme strength and fitness.

You’re watching this slouched on the sofa with a can of beer on one hand. Okay, you went to the gym earlier for a short session but now it’s time to chill out. Testosterone. It’s for the power athletes, right?

You’ll be surprised. Yes, it’s responsible for muscle development and what ‘makes you a man’, but it’s not exclusively about highly-developed muscle.

Here are seven reasons why we love testosterone (and why you should, too!):

Boosting testosterone levels will make you more alert

Testosterone affects your mind as well as your body. Higher testosterone means you are able to concentrate better, fight tiredness and generally bring back the feel-good factor. Don’t be depressed, be de-stressed with a real positive outlook and take the day on, whatever it brings. Monday mornings at work will never seem the same again.

Higher testosterone will power you up in the bedroom

Can you still be bothered? Are you relieved when it’s over (and go straight to sleep afterwards)? Low testosterone can affect your libido and this can only get worse over time unless you do something about it. Boost your testosterone to where it should be – you and your partner deserve better.

Make better use of your time in the gym

That’s if you actually get there these days. Any excuse will do – it’s raining, there’s a match on TV tonight, you’re not in the mood. Anyway, missing one night won’t do any harm. Really? Get your testosterone up and you’ll be raring to go and once there, you’ll be able to go for longer, faster and harder. Watch that lean muscle develop and fat disappear – make your workout worth it.

Lose those spare inches

Take your shirt off and have a look at your waist. How many inches have crept on over the past few years? Boosting testosterone will raise fat metabolism, making it easier to shift those useless extra pounds. That doesn’t mean you can laze around all day – you need to light the fire by exercising, then watch that spare tyre deflate and disappear. It’s a win-win situation.

Take physical effort in your stride

Testosterone is not just good for throwing weights around. You may need to do some heavy work in the house or garden from time to time, or you have a physically demanding job.

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Get your testosterone levels up and you can meet this head on, with increased motivation and focus. Boost your testosterone and go for it! Your partner and workmates will thank you for it.

Keep playing sport the way you used to

You used to played sport but stopped when you felt you couldn’t keep up any more. Now it’s an effort to keep up with the kids, however old they are now. Sound familiar? Want to get back on the pitch? Boosting your testosterone will give you back your competitive edge and help your muscle mass. But you might still let the kids win. Sometimes.

Stay feeling young, stay healthy

Testosterone gives you plenty of long-term health benefits, both physically and mentally. Your heart will not just beat faster in the bedroom, but as testosterone helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure it is likely to beat for longer. Bone density will be improved with higher testosterone and the marrow starts to make more red blood cells. Just what a red-blooded male needs.

So there you have it. Get your testosterone levels boosted naturally with new TestoGen formula and it could change your life. You’ll feel great, enjoy your love life again, and show the youngsters how sport should be played. And no need to pull a truck for 200 metres, unless you really want to.

Get your first order of TestoGen in, get started, and get going!

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