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Tribulus Terrestris: What You Need to Know About the Testosterone Boosting Supplement


Tribulus what? Who’s ever heard of tribulus terrestris? It’s an awkward sounding name for an awkward looking, spikey plant considered a weed by many. If you ever come across it on your travels, don’t ever step on a burr with bare feet; it’s like having drawing pins banged in. It’s no wonder the Latin word trubulus used to refer to spiky weapons – these burrs will even pierce bicycle tyres. You’ll be digging them out for hours and swearing a lot.

BUT this unpromising-looking plant harbours almost magical properties:

It contains the strongest natural testosterone booster on the planet.

Grown in hot, harsh conditions tribulus terrestris has been used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine in India, and ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is now extracted as a key ingredient in the best testosterone-boosting supplements for its amazing properties.

Tribulus Terrestris: what’s in it?

There are many useful active ingredients in tribulus terrestris but the important ones are the group of substances known as steroidal saponins and phytosterols, in particular β-sitosterols. Way back in history, tribulus terrestris was used for problems with the kidneys and liver including urinary diseases. The β-sitosterols, a form of plant sterol, are used in modern medicine for the cardiovascular system as well as prostate and urinary problems. But β-sitosterols are also a natural anabolic steroid which gives building muscle mass a huge boost, in conjunction with correct fitness training.

Over the years, tribulus terrestris has become increasingly popular as a powerful testosterone booster. The steroidal saponins are, as you might guess from the name, substances that help your body to produce natural steroids. This in turn raises your testosterone levels and helps you develop better muscle, and faster. In fact, you get a whole lot more from this amazing plant: take a look at this:

  • Boosting your testosterone will give you back your competitive edge so you are ready to take on anything.
  • It helps in muscle building, being anabolic, and that includes your heart and penis. Yes, they are muscles too. You will also find your endurance improves so you can train harder and for longer.
  • As a powerful aphrodisiac, tribulus terrestris improves your libido. Your bedroom will no longer be the place where you just go to sleep!
  • When you do sleep, you’ll sleep better and feel less irritable when you wake up again as your nervous system becomes more balanced. You’ll feel less stressed and feel more positive at work and at play.

Tribulus Terrestris: is it safe?

Being a plant with no known toxins, tribulus terrestris is safe to take but like anything, it is wise to buy it from a reputable source (either alone or as a blend with other ingredients) such as TestoGen so there are no hidden nasties in there such as synthetic steroids. Again, like all supplements, be aware of the effects tribulus terrestris has on the body; if you are taking anything else whether conventional medicine or a different herb that has a similar effect, be careful you’re not doubling up. An example of this is the diuretic effect of tribulus terrestris. Take another diuretic at the same time, and you could end up dehydrated with a risky concentration of substances left behind in your kidneys. So it’s not a case of tribulus terrestris itself being dangerous because it isn’t, but what you mix it with. After all, you wouldn’t take painkillers and strong alcohol, would you?

So – if you want to boost your testosterone using a natural supplement, look for one that has tribulus terrestris in the list of ingredients such as TestoGen. Take it as directed and before long, you simply won’t recognise yourself!

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