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Do Testosterone Injections Cause Penis Growth?

Unless you’re a complete imbecile, you know good and well that testosterone is arguably the most important hormone in the male body. Aside from its role in helping you build and maintain muscle, it is also needed for brain function, mood support, sex drive and bone strength. You can say it is the “master” hormone.

That being the case, the question then looms, does something like testosterone injections put a little umph into your penis growth? Let’s flesh this out a little further and find the answer.

Stages of life
So, can increasing your t-levels make your penis grow?
How high testosterone levels can improve your sex life
Natural ways to increase your testosterone levels


Stages of life

You have this gland right in the center of your forehead called the pituitary. It’s main job is to signal down to these orbs inside your sack called testes to produce testosterone. When you are somewhere around 11 or 12 years old, you go through this stage called puberty. You remember this, right?

Puberty can last up to several years and you’ll notice some changes, such as deepening of your voice, facial hair growth, muscle development and a growth spurt. You also start to develop a sex drive and girls become high on your list of priorities.

It’s during this time that you get a big dump of testosterone, which continues to stay high through puberty, and then starts to tail off as you approach 30 years old. It’s all maintenance from there, and your levels start to slowly decline by about 1% a year. It could be a lot worse though.

So, can increasing your t-levels make your penis grow?

Oh yeah, there is one more thing that happens during puberty. Your testicles and penis grow larger. Plus, you end up getting a lot of morning wood, and in most cases afternoon and evening wood as well.

Then when you finish the stage of puberty, whatever you end up with is what you end up with. If you fall short, so to speak, then that’s just the luck of the draw. And this is also why men sometimes think testosterone injections will lead to penis growth.

The truth is this, once you are fully grown, this includes your penis length too. Barring any risky surgeries or trying some kind of apparatus you saw on an infomercial, there really is no way to get a bigger penis. That is all determined when you are in the womb through your genetics.

How high testosterone levels can improve your sex life

Although more testosterone won’t add any length to your member, it can still help your sex life. When your t-levels are elevated, there is a positive effect on your libido. Plus, you can have an easier time achieving and maintaining erections. This is still a win for you at the end of the day.

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Natural ways to increase your testosterone levels

Think about this for a second. You now know testosterone injections will not cause penis growth, but they can actually be risky. Any time you get injections on a regular basis you are risking infection if the needles used are unsanitary.

Plus, you run the risk of getting too much T, which can come with a battery of unwanted side effects of its own.

But, there is a positive side to all of this. You can totally get a good “rise” in testosterone by making some adjustments to your lifestyle. And this all starts with your diet. Foods high in vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, boron and essential fats can have a t-boosting effect.

Food sources of zinc

Regular bouts of exercise can also give your testosterone levels a spike; especially if it’s high intensity. Plus, if you are overweight, losing the extra flab can increase your testosterone.

Lastly, if you take a good all-natural supplement, such as TestoGen, you can boost your t-levels and help your cause even more.

So go ahead, boost your t-levels and your fun!

When it’s all said and done, be thankful for what you have and use it to your advantage. If you have a smaller penis, just realize things could always be worse. You could be deathly ill or disabled and not be able to even walk.

As long as you can get it up and have a normal sex life, that’s a prize in itself. Plus, if you find a woman who’s more concerned with the size of your penis than you, she’s not worth it.

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