Testosterone and Sex

Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

If you’re not happy with the size of your penis, you’ve probably been searching all over the Internet to find natural ways to boost your manhood.

Testosterone is the male-dominant sex hormone, but does testosterone increase penis size?

Let’s look at the role of testosterone in a man’s body, what really determines your penis size, and how healthy t-levels can help you in the bedroom. You’ll want to read this…

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Testosterone and Male Sexuality

Believe it or not, healthy testosterone levels are essential for more than building muscle. Guys need testosterone for cognitive function, bone health, state of mood, and fat burning.

Since testosterone is responsible for androgenic benefits such as the development of your testicles, could one (welcome and appreciated) side effect of healthy levels of testosterone be a boost in the size of your manhood?

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The studies are clear: optimizing your testosterone levels helps you maintain strong erections and a healthy sexual appetite. But does testosterone make your penis bigger as well? Let’s take a look at the relationship between testosterone production and penis length.

There are two types of sex hormones: testosterone and estrogen. Men and women have both, but testosterone is the male-dominant sex hormone.

In other words, men have far greater levels of testosterone while women produce far more estrogen. Testosterone is all but silent until you hit puberty, then a part in the brain called the hypothalamus turns on the figurative t-faucet full blast.

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Testosterone promotes both anabolic and androgenic changes. Anabolic refers to the size and shape of your muscle tissue. When guys take anabolic steroids, they do so with the intention of getting bigger muscles.

Androgenic is related to physical development such as a deeper voice, facial hair, and sexual health. Compare this to estrogen, which promotes feminine characteristics such as wide hips, bigger breasts, and a higher-pitched voice.

Since testosterone plays an essential role in your sexual development, does testosterone make your dick bigger?

What Affects Penis Development

The size of your penis is determined when you still have no idea what your penis is: during fetal development.

Studies show that male babies who have abnormally low levels of testosterone while in the womb tend to develop a condition called micropenis.

What are the symptoms? The name tells you everything you need to know…

In that same study, researchers gave infants testosterone supplements and followed them into adulthood. The babies with micropenis who had received the testosterone supplements developed into adults with an average length penis.

Far better than the alternative!

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Testosterone and Different Stages of Male Development

Penis size aside, how does testosterone guide male development?

As mentioned above, once the hypothalamus gives the signal, puberty begins and you can look at the gigantic release of testosterone as the start of the marathon race.

In general, there are several stages that guys go through during puberty:

Boys will notice a sudden growth spurt, and this happens a few times over the short course of several years until guys reach their full adult height.

When they check what’s going on downstairs, they will notice their testicles are getting bigger. The shape of the body begins to change and lean muscle tissue becomes more noticeable. The penis comes into its own, growing in both length and width.

With all this chaos, guys will notice hair starting to grow everywhere, especially in the pubic area, under the arms, and on the face.

If it hasn’t already, the voice starts to drop and deepen into an awkward Barry White. Boys become men once they’ve reached their full height, full penis size, and testosterone production slows down a bit and stabilizes.

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Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

So, if testosterone penis size is something that happens while you’re inside the womb, does testosterone increase penis size as a fully-formed adult? You can have abnormally high t-levels as an adult, but unfortunately, that won’t make an inch of difference.

Testosterone and penis size don’t have much to do with one another once you’ve already gone through puberty and become an adult.

What you see is what you get. There are few ways to successfully increase the size of your penis as an adult.

The main method being surgery, which is not something we would recommend due to the risk of infection and side effects.

Testosterone Benefits

Testosterone may not have much to do with penis size once you’re an adult, but testosterone is responsible for a number of important sexual benefits.

Increased Libido

Normal to high levels of testosterone are responsible for a healthy libido and sex drive. Studies have shown time and time again that men with low levels of testosterone also report no interest or drive to have sex.

Not surprisingly, when you give a guy with low testosterone a patch, shot, or supplement for testosterone, the first thing they notice is a boost in sex drive.

Harder Erections

Erectile dysfunction or the inability to get and maintain a hard penis during sexual arousal is a common symptom of low testosterone levels.

Studies show that when men restore their testosterone levels through natural or prescription intervention, the quality and hardness of their erections dramatically improves.

Sexual Confidence

Have you ever wondered why some guys just have the confidence to hit on and attract women? Some studies suggest that testosterone and confidence may have a cyclical relationship. Confident postures and behaviors may increase testosterone in men, and as a result, this testosterone boost may support confidence. So, if you want that alpha male confidence, focus on supporting healthy testosterone levels.

Increase Testosterone Naturally to Feel Better

Whether you’re freaking out about the size of your penis, your performance in the bedroom, that extra weight gain that won’t go away, or how you’ve been feeling lately, focusing on healthy levels of testosterone may be able to provide some relief.

Sure, testosterone can’t do much for your penis size once you’re an adult; however, it can improve self-confidence, upgrade your bedroom game, and make you feel better all-around. Instead of obsessing over the size of your penis, we recommend focusing on improving your testosterone levels and becoming a better version of yourself.

  • Diet: Eat a clean, all-natural diet that provides plenty of lean proteins such as chicken breast, whey protein, and turkey; healthy fats such as salmon and coconut oil; and complex carbohydrates such as wild rice and sweet potatoes.
  • Exercise: Strive to exercise no less than three days per week. Incorporate a combination of strength training and cardiovascular activities such as bike riding or jogging.
  • Supplements: Take a proven testosterone boosting supplement made with all-natural ingredients – nothing illegal or shady. TestoGen combines several scientifically proven ingredients to help boost your testosterone naturally. For stronger erections, consider taking L-arginine as this amino acid has been shown to promote blood flow and stronger erections.


Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger? Who Cares?

The hard truth: Testosterone won’t help you get a bigger dick. But why focus on that?

Unless you have a serious medical condition, penis size should be the least of your worries. Support your natural levels of testosterone with a t-boosting supplement like Testogen. You’ll feel better about yourself and your health is far more important. Get your priorities straight: Look at the bigger picture, not one part about yourself that no one cares much about.

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