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Does a Cold Shower Increase Testosterone in Men?

Imagine you could increase your testosterone with something as simple as taking a cold shower; would you do it? Of course, you would! Question is though: is it actually true? Does a cold shower increase testosterone in men?

There are loads of potential benefits of cold showers (and I’m not just talking about benefits for your energy bill). For example, some people suggest that frequent exposure to cold water can help your immune system.

Others say it’s better for your hair and skin than warm water; so taking a cold shower every day could actually help you stay beautiful!

But what about the testosterone benefits? Can a cold shower increase testosterone?

Can the so-called “James Bond shower” – or “Scottish Shower” – help you get the same mojo as the martini-sipping gentleman himself?

Let’s have a look at what a cold shower can do for you and, more importantly, what it can do for your t-levels…

Benefits of cold showers
Cold shower testosterone benefits
How to take cold showers – a practical guide

Benefits of cold showers

For centuries, cold showers – and the effects of cold temperatures in general – have been believed to provide many health benefits.

Spartan warriors used to take cold showers to toughen up before battle, and in present-day saunas we still see a cold pool next to the steam room.

From increasing blood circulation to boosting testosterone: you’ll be amazed by the potential wonders a nippy morning drizzle can do to your general health and wellbeing.

That is, if you believe all the hype around it…

Let’s try and separate fact from fiction by having a look at the science behind some of these health claims.

The benefits of cold showers – the truth revealed!

Circulation | Immune system | Mental health | Beauty | Weight Loss



The idea behind this is that when you take a cold shower your body responds by pumping blood to your organs to keep them warm.

In other words, a cold shower can improve your blood circulation because it will literally help your blood flow faster through your body.

By taking cold showers on a regular basis you can improve your general cardiovascular health and circulatory system.

Of course, that includes increased blood flow to certain special parts of your body…

Doesn’t that sound great? Turn down the heat and get that blood pumping!


Immune system

This benefit has been scientifically proven by a study in the Netherlands, which tested the effects of cold showers on the number of sick days taken by working people.

The results were stunning! In the study, people ‘playing it cool’ were absent 29% fewer days than people keeping their showers on a more comfortable temperature.

Cool fact, right?!

Mental health

And that’s not the only scientific study looking at the potential benefits of a cold shower.

A researcher in Virginia suggested cold showers as a treatment for depression, and the results were far from depressing.

Turning temperatures down actually lifted spirits up; now doesn’t that fact make you smile?


Some people believe that a cold shower a day can keep the skincare products away; but is there any truth to that?

So far, there hasn’t been any research about it, so we cannot say with certainty what the effects are.

The theory sounds convincing though. The idea is that cold water triggers your pores to tighten and to decrease looking reddish and puffy.

However, naysayers suggest you should just stop taking boiling hot showers – which ARE bad for your skin – instead of torturing yourself with freezing morning showers.

Weight loss

Let’s face it, we all desperately want this one to be true!

The thought seems logical: cold water makes your body cold and to try and prevent that, your body will start burning calories to warm you up. Boom: instant fat burn!

It sounds too good to be true though, and so far studies have not effectively proven this theory.

However, it also hasn’t been disproven, so maybe it could be worth trying out…

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Cold shower testosterone benefits

So we looked at some of the potential benefits for your body and mind, but how about the most interesting benefit of all: using a cold shower to boost testosterone.

Could it be that you can actually boost your libido just by jumping under a cold shower?

The answer is: yes!

Cold showers can indeed help you increase testosterone levels, fertility, and effectively give your boys a much-desired boost.

The main reason is that testicle cells work better in the cold (the reason why your balls are between your legs instead of inside your body), so why not give them a nice refreshing shower?

This will bring down the temperature in the testes and give the desired boost in testosterone production.

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How to take cold showers – a practical guide

Before you now run to your shower to treat yourself to an icy waterfall for the next hour – and potentially give yourself hypothermia in doing so – I made a practical guide for you, explaining just how to take a cold shower.

I get you’re excited to dive right in to get that cold shower testosterone boost, but it shouldn’t have to be a freeze-shock therapy.

Here’s how to safely and easily take cold showers.

The beginner’s guide to taking a cold shower

Step 1 – Chill Start your shower at a normal (warm) temperature and gradually turn down the heat, giving your body time to adjust to the cold.
Step 2 – Take it step by step Try taking it step by step, body part by body part.
Like that, you can slowly let all your limbs get used to the cold, before immersing your full torso.
Step 3 – Time your shower Try to time your shower and find the right balance. Standing in a cold shower for three hours won’t do you any good.
Gradually get the temperature to about 70°F (20°C), then keep for few minutes.
Step 4 – Repeat Repeat this cold shower sequence once or twice a day. It can take some time before you start feeling the results, so try to take cold showers for at least a few weeks.

Let me know your results!

Are you taking the plunge? Do you enjoy a daily cold shower testosterone boost?

I’m excited to hear your thoughts about the cold shower method and how it has helped you increase your testosterone in a natural way. Leave your comment below!

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