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Butea Superba And Testosterone Production – Does it Help?

Technology and innovation have allowed us to access more and more unique products sourced from all over the world, and we’ve gained access to a large number of superfoods and supplements that we never could have tried before.

One of these supplements is butea superba, a plant that has been used since ancient times in Thailand to help boost libido. Despite thousands of years of anecdotal evidence, modern science has indicated that butea superba might have a negative impact on testosterone.

This article aims to explain in detail what butea superba is, how it influences testosterone, and whether or not it’s worth using to boost your libido.

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What is Butea Superba?

Butea superba is a plant medicine that has been popular for many thousands of years, particularly in the traditional medicine of Thailand. Nowadays, Butea can be found readily as a supplement or in its raw, unprocessed form.

The roots of the plant are most commonly used to help boost libido and improve sexual function, and they have been used as such for millennia in Thailand and nearby regions. Scientific evidence has learned of a number of interesting compounds that can be found in Butea superba, some of which are responsible for its effects.

Many of these compounds are from a family of nutritional compounds known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants, and help to reduce the intensity and frequency of oxidative damage in the body.

Since oxidative damage can lead to illnesses like cancer, chronic pain, and the general degradation of the body, it’s important to get a good amount of antioxidants in your diet.

Butea superba also contains a number of other phytochemicals (plant-based compounds) and other acids and nutrients that can influence human health. These work together to provide the unique profile of benefits that Butea can offer us.

What are the Butea Superba benefits?

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These unique compounds work together to offer a number of health benefits that can be useful for both men and women. While the plant is commonly associated with an improvement in male fertility and sexual function, there are a lot of other things that it can do. Butea superba extract and the fresh plant can provide you some of the following benefits:

Boosts Energy

While it’s true that the benefits of this plant can extend beyond men, its energy boosting properties seem to target the masculine better than the feminine. Some of the compounds found within Butea superba seem to mimic male hormones, which can improve our ability to recover after a workout, improve our strength, and boost our overall energy.

Improves Heart Health

There are lots of compounds found within Butea superba that target the heart and the cardiovascular system. Some of the flavonoids are particularly effective in this regard.

By doing this, they can effectively help to reduce the chances of developing heart disease as well as helping to balance out bad (LDL) cholesterol levels while having a positive influence on HDL (good) cholesterol.

Since cholesterol is important for the processing and production of testosterone, this can also be useful for men who are hoping to balance their T levels.

Improving Hair Loss

Butea superba testosterone benefits are often attributed to the fact that it can boost sexual health and help prevent hair loss. Despite this, it’s unsure as to whether or not the reduced hair loss has anything to do with testosterone levels or not.

Regardless, it’s shown to be useful for helping men who are struggling with premature hair loss or male pattern baldness. By strengthening and supporting the hair, Butea helps both men and women develop strong and healthy heads of hair.

Improves Sexual Health

In addition to boosting energy and recovery time, both of which can be considered important aspects of sexual health, Butea has been indicated to be useful for helping people manage erectile dysfunction.

By increasing blood flow, Butea helps bring blood to the penis, lowering the chances of being unable to develop or maintain an erection. This is one of its most popular and persistent traditional uses, and modern science has continued to support the notion that Butea helps improve sexual function.

Improves Bone Health

There is some indication that Butea superba helps increase the number of minerals that we can absorb in the bloodstream. It’s believed that this is what causes the plant to have a positive influence on the health of our bones.

People with osteoporosis or arthritis may find that Butea helps them manage their symptoms. Young folk would be wise to take care of their bones, as well, to prevent these conditions from emerging later in life.

Fights Inflammation

There are a number of inflammation-fighting compounds that can be found in Butea superba.

Inflammation is generally a good thing: it indicates to your immune system that there is a ‘focus area’ in your body that it needs to send attention to. Unfortunately, people struggling with chronic inflammation are sending unnecessary inflammatory responses to their immune system, which can lead to disease.

By reducing the inflammatory response, foods like Butea can help reduce the chance of developing inflammatory diseases.

Fights Cancer

One of the most impressive things that Butea has been shown to do is help fight off cancer. One study that was conducted in Thailand revealed that Butea actually contains compounds that are cytotoxic, meaning that they can prevent cancer cells from multiplying or outright kill them.

It’s important to note that in serious or late-stage cases of cancer, more serious treatments or extracts would be required to make a significant difference.

Does it increase testosterone?

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Because of the myriad sexual benefits of this plant, one might suspect that it increases the amount of testosterone available to the body. Whether or not this is entirely true is a matter of some discussion.

One thing that Butea is known for is containing anti-estrogenic compounds. This means that it can prevent the body from producing too much estrogen – an important factor for men, as estrogen is essentially the anti-testosterone.

Testosterone also goes through a process known as aromatization, by which it converts to estrogen in the body. By reducing the amount of estrogen that your body produces, you can accentuate the more masculine effects of testosterone.

Butea has also been shown to boost levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) more so than it has been shown to boost levels of testosterone. DHT is the main active metabolite of testosterone, though, which has similar effects.

This could explain why Butea has been shown, in some studies, to actually decrease the amount of free testosterone in the body: by encouraging testosterone to metabolize into DHT while reducing the amount of estrogen being produced, Butea can significantly improve androgenic effects in the body.

What is the Butea Superba dosage?

There isn’t much evidence that can provide a solid dosage of Butea Superba.

It’s important to note that low dosages have been proven to be safe for human consumption – but what constitutes a low dose?

In rats, extremely high doses – more than 300 mg/kg in rats – have been shown to promote mutations and can be toxic. However, this only equates to about 48 mg / kg in humans.

Most supplemental forms of Butea superba will contain a pre-measured dosage that has been deemed safe for human consumption – usually no more than 100 mg daily. The Thai government believes that more than this can be dangerous.

Are there any known side effects of using Butea Superba?

It’s important to be aware of any potential side effects of any substance that you’re taking, especially something that could be as powerful as Butea. Any substance that influences your hormones needs to be treated properly.

One thing that is certain about Butea is that it can actually lower the amount of free testosterone in the blood. While this can be concerning, there is not enough research to indicate whether or not this poses a threat, due to the elevated levels of DHT and the continued benefits provided by the plant.

Most of the studies done on Butea have been done on rats – for example, this study shows that rats experience an increase in spleen size, damaged liver cells, and lowered testosterone when taking 150 to 200 mg/kg of the substance.

We do not use this ingredient in TestoGen

Because of the potential Butea superba testosterone interaction, we choose not to use this ingredient in TestoGen. Our products aim to improve sexual health and function, as well as boost energy levels, without causing a risk of side effects.

TestoGen does, however, focus on using natural products. Many of the ingredients that we use are safe, especially at the doses that we provide them in. Some of the ingredients in TestoGen include:

  • Zinc, a very important mineral that’s needed for proper hormonal health – symptoms of zinc deficiency can be identical to those of testosterone deficiency
  • Vitamin D, another vitamin that’s necessary for the production of testosterone
  • Tribulus terrestris is a herb that’s been shown to be quite safe even in relatively high doses. It is known for causing a number of benefits similar to those that you’d see with boosted T levels
  • Fenugreek, another herb that has been suggested to increase testosterone levels
  • Panax red ginseng, a vitalizing adaptogenic herb that has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and a general energy booster

These ingredients work together to provide a healthy and reliable improvement to low testosterone, as well as boosting energy levels and sexual health regardless of your testosterone levels.

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