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Boron and Testosterone – How Boron Can Increase Your Testosterone Levels

  • What is Boron?
  • How can Boron increase testosterone levels?
  • What are other Boron testosterone related health benefits?
  • Natural ways to increase Boron levels
  • What is the recommended Boron for testosterone supplementation and dosage?
  • Where can you get Boron for testosterone?
  • Conclusion

What is Boron?

Boron is an essential trace mineral that is believed to increase free testosterone levels, whilst blocking excess estrogen; increasing your muscle and bone strength; improving your concentration and focus; enhancing muscle coordination, decreasing inflammation and alleviating the symptoms of osteoporosis and arthritis.

How Boron and testosterone works

You may only need Boron in trace amounts; however, the impact it can have on your body is impressive as it plays a key role in maintaining homeostasis and managing your metabolism.

You see, our bodies need a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen in order to function, and one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to ensure that your body has got plenty of Boron. Now, we’re not talking about tonnes here. However, with just the right amount you can prevent these sex hormones from changing your oral microbiome balance; lowering your immunity, and causing bleeding gums.

Boron can also help your body to absorb magnesium better – which is important as together they can help assist hundreds of functions within your body – as well as impact how your body uses calcium and phosphorus.

How can Boron increase testosterone levels?

increasing your testosterone chart

Remember how we mentioned that Boron can influence your sex hormones? It is probably most famous for its ability to boost your natural testosterone levels. In fact, studies have shown that Boron can boost your free testosterone levels by 29.5%.

In one study, where participants were given 10mg of Boron a day for 7 consecutive days (to test for plasma steroid hormones); they discovered that their free testosterone levels had risen by 28.3%.

Similarly, in a separate study on 13 participants (who’d been diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency), after giving them 6mgs of Boron for 60 days, they found that whilst Boron helped to raise their vitamin D levels, it also increased their DHEA levels by 56% and their free testosterone by 29.5%.

So how does Boron increase testosterone?

Boron basically acts as an ergogenic aid as it naturally helps to increase the amount of free testosterone available in your body (in other words, it doesn’t create more testosterone but enables your existing testosterone to do its job). This is achieved by decreasing SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin).

SHBG is a protein found in your blood which is responsible for binding sex hormones (such as testosterone) and decreasing their effects.

Boron works by blocking SHBG, thus raising your free testosterone levels and enabling you to build up muscle mass and increase your strength. The key is getting the balance between Boron and testosterone right, as too much testosterone in your system will lead to more of it being bound to SHBG.

However, with the right Boron dosage, you can ‘free up’ your testosterone and witness a boost in your first week (and a gradual increase the remainder of the time).

Boron can also help your testosterone levels by influencing the following:

Boron and Estrogen

According to one study, Boron can block estrogen levels. When participants were given 10mg of Boron a day (over a week), they saw a decrease in estrogen of 39%.

So whilst Boron can help to raise your testosterone levels by blocking SHBG; it can also lower the presence of estrogen.

NOTE: this decrease is only temporary. If you take Boron supplement testosterone for a prolonged period (4 weeks in a row) you will see a gradual rise in estrogen over those 4 weeks. To combat this – if you’re weightlifting – it is recommended that you take Boron for short 2 weeks cycles (before taking a week break) so you can maximize your results – and reap the benefits – without incurring any of the negatives.

Boron and Vitamin D

Like we mentioned earlier, Vitamin D levels are closely linked to testosterone. This is because Vitamin D acts as a testosterone booster, meaning if you are deficient in this vitamin, you’ll also be low in testosterone.

Boron can help to change this by naturally supplementing your Vitamin D levels and increasing their biological half-life. In doing so, not only will this help to prolong the viability of Vitamin D within your body; its increased presence will also help to boost testosterone production, enabling you to benefit from increased muscle mass, strength, energy, and endurance – everything you need to work out.

So does Boron boost testosterone? All the evidence seems to suggest so…

What are the other Boron testosterone related health benefits?

boron in brazil nuts

Whilst Boron is increasing in popularity in the bodybuilding world for boron for testosterone; it was first used to treat all of the following health conditions:

  • Bones and joint health – Boron can help to improve your bone/joint health and alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis by activating osteoblasts in the bones. In one study, 50% of participants experienced improved symptoms when they took 6mg of Boron a day.
  • Inflammation – Boron supports many functions within the body, including reducing oxidative stress and inflammation (particularly around your joints). It helps to decrease certain inflammatory markers in your body called cytokines (in particular hs-CRP and TNF-a), which have been linked to lung and breast cancer, obesity, insulin resistance, heart disease, depression, and many more conditions.
  • Wound repair and healing – according to a 1990 study, using 3% boric acid on deep wounds can help to reduce healing time by up to two-thirds, as well as improve how well the wound heals. It achieves this by interacting with enzymes collagenase, alkaline phosphatase and elastase and activating fibroblasts in your skin cells and tissues.
  • Teeth and gum health – Boron can help to keep both of these healthy by decreasing inflammation (relating to gum disease) and assisting with bone and tissue repair. In a 2013 study, Boron was found to help encourage teeth building cells.
    Hormone imbalance – Boron can help both men and women by increasing your estrogen and testosterone levels.

Natural ways to increase Boron levels

You don’t have to invest in Boron testosterone boosting supplements in order to benefit from this trace mineral. There are certain foods that are rich in Boron, which if you eat regularly, can help to raise your natural Boron levels.

Good sources include walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, beans, broccoli, chickpeas, avocados, almonds, raisins, and bananas. Simply add them to your diet, and you’ll soon notice a difference.

Take for instance avocados. One whole cup of avocado can offer you 1.7mg of Boron. This means by eating just 5 avocados a day, you can raise your Boron levels and the amount of free testosterone you’ve got available in your body.

What is the recommended Boron for testosterone supplementation and dosage?

With no RDA set, the amount of Boron you should have each day is not entirely clear.

However, thanks to numerous scientific case studies that have been done on this mineral; research suggests it is beneficial to have around 3-10mg of Boron a day (depending on your personal goals).

Now admittedly, there is nothing stopping you from having up to 20mg of Boron a day as it is perfectly safe to have this high a dosage. However, we feel sticking to a 10mg dose is more than enough to boost your testosterone levels.

Similarly, it is important to remember that Boron is not designed for long term use. You should only use it for two-week cycles (with a one-week break in-between) to prevent it from losing its effectiveness.

Where can you get Boron for testosterone?

TestoGen is the perfect testo booster for raising your free testosterone levels.

It utilizes Boron within its formulation to help block SHBG and stop it from binding with testosterone. This ensures you have plenty of free testosterone in your system to help build up muscle mass; shift excess fat; improve muscle development, definition and recovery, and maximize your endurance and energy levels.

For more information on TestoGen visit our website.


Boron can offer your body a natural way to protect your testosterone levels. By blocking SHBG (which usually binds to testosterone), this can help to increase the amount of viable testosterone you’ve got available, meaning when you hit the gym you can hit the gym hard.

Boron can help you to achieve optimal testosterone levels for bodybuilding, enabling you to achieve the muscle mass YOU want- 100% naturally.

Our only advice is to use it in short spurts of up to two weeks max. (no more than 10mg a day) and to remember that over time its results will slow down. The most you’ll see is within your first week because as your free testosterone levels begin to rise, so will the amount of SHBG in your body. This will cause it to slow down, especially if you don’t take a break.

However, use Boron for only two weeks at a time and this can help to maximize your results; prevent your body from stabilizing, and give you a boost when YOU need it.

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