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4 Common T-Level Myths You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to T-levels, there are certain things that are fact and others that are fiction. It is in your best interest to differentiate between the two.

Here are 4 myths you should never believe:

1 Supplements don’t work

You will read article after article online which state that certain supplements don’t boost T-levels. However, if you delve a little further you’ll likely find that the company making this statement just so happens to sell a drug which they claim does work.

The golden rule here is to do your own research and don’t make assumptions. Read reviews from real users, as opposed to simply swallowing the marketing propaganda put out by a company trying to sway you towards their own ‘better’ product.

The truth is, some supplements do, and some don’t work. Not only does it depend on whether the manufacturer is legitimate or not, it also depends on how your body accepts them. No two bodies are the same.

2 Testosterone will make your hair fall out

This is as interesting as it is comical. Have you ever been to the gym and seen this uber-jacked dude with long, thick hair and a ponytail doing deadlifts? Chances are he was grunting and groaning and his lats were the size of the Great Wall of China.

Then you went to subject B. A bald man lying on his back, pushing up a bar on the bench press with three wheels on each side like it was a peppermint stick at Christmas. His chest was so massive you could park a bus in the shadow he drew when he stood up.

Both guys have a ton of muscle mass, both guys are obviously strong, but one has a full head of hair and the other doesn’t. What does this tell you? Well, you shouldn’t have to think too hard to determine that both subjects have a good release of testosterone. Yet one guy is bald and the other isn’t.

It’s clear to anyone with an ounce of common sense that T-levels don’t have anything to do with baldness. In fact, most male pattern baldness is caused by genetics, so if you want to blame someone, blame your parents!

Does testosterone levels can slow your beard grow?

3 Alcohol has no effect on T-levels

Sorry to all you midnight riders out there, but alcohol does affect your T-levels. You may be looking for a way to justify your drinking binges, but you won’t find it here. In reality, you might be hard-pressed to find a substance more detrimental to T-levels than alcohol.

Here’s what happens. When you have one or two drinks, fine. But when you get deeper into the night and you start nearing double digits, tragedy occurs. Your body shifts gears from fat-burning to fat-storing. This is because your blood sugar levels rise rapidly and insulin is produced in high amounts. Insulin is a fat-storage hormone. When insulin is high, testosterone is low (1).

Plus, your metabolism slows down. So you have now created the ideal environment for fat storage and muscle wasting.

Do your t-levels a favour, and lay off the alcohol.

4 Higher t-levels will make you taller

The only time t-levels will make you taller is when you’re going through puberty. At this time testosterone will cause you to grow, and it will also deepen your voice and cause you to grow facial hair and accumulate more muscle mass.

The good news stops there. Once you reach adulthood, your growth plates are closed and you’re simply not going to grow any taller. If you do steroids for an extended period of time, there’s a chance your bones will get bigger. But that’s not the same as getting taller.

The bottom line is, if you take any supplements that promise to boost T-levels, don’t plan on getting longer jeans any time soon. You may be able to bulk up and get wider shirts, but your height ain’t going nowhere, bro.


The best advice is to use your own common sense when researching how to boost your t-levels online, and always buy from a reputable company which has plenty of reviews from genuine customers.

We always recommend you purchase supplements directly from the manufacturer. Never purchase from online auction sites thinking they’re a better deal – if they’re cheap, it’s quite likely they’re also fake.

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