The Science Of Testosterone And Heavy Lifting

When you waltz into a gym, you want to make good and sure that you maximize your time or you will end up frustrated and possibly fall off the wagon. That’s where heavy lifting comes in. Sure, you can get results by lifting some piddly weights and doing foofoo exercises. But that’s not going to … Continued

How Often Should You Eat To Increase Your T-Levels?

The love of food has caused a pretty big ripple across the world. Burgeoning healthcare costs are closely related to the fact that people have become so overweight and obese. This is what raises the risk of chronic disease, which, in turn, has an impact on the healthcare industry. But when you turn the coin … Continued

Alcohol And Your T-Levels: What You Need To Know

There are certain habits that are worse than others and some that are really hard to break. Alcohol consumption ranks very near the top of this list. It often starts off as a social thing among friends. Then you start having a beverage or two with dinner every night. Before you know it, you’re imbibing … Continued

Can T-Levels Ever Be Too High?

As a man, you are always looking for ways to keep your testosterone levels revving high. As well you should be, because testosterone is a vital component of your daily life. But is there a point where your T-levels can be too high? And if so, what harm can this cause? It’s good to know … Continued

Boost T-Levels With This High-Fat Meal

Fat is often looked upon as this evil thing that you should avoid like the flu. Well, contrary to popular belief, it is a very important macronutrient for your body. All of your hormones rely on fat for proper functioning, especially testosterone. Think about that the next time you entertain the idea of buying low-fat … Continued

5 Symptoms Of Low T-Levels

Life is great when your systems are firing on all cylinders. But when you get struck with an obstacle like low T-levels, that can change quickly. With the exception of the aging process, there is no concrete explanation of why this happens. Everyone is very different and some get hit harder than others. Regardless of … Continued

The Reason T-Levels Decrease As We Age

As you get older, you get wiser because you learn from past experiences and gain more knowledge. That’s the good news. The bad news is that faculties that were once on point start to decline, such as vision, hearing, balance, and bone strength. From a hormonal standpoint, testosterone tends to decrease. But the reason why … Continued

Is Your Libido Normal For Your Age?

The scientific definition of libido is sexual desire. That pretty much sums it up. Simply put, you have an instinctual biological drive that attracts you to another person. When your libido is normal, all other mechanisms in your body seem to be in sync, too. As you age, things can change, so it’s a good … Continued

Why Higher T-Levels Mean Less Body Fat

A healthy, happy life revolves around various factors – good ones, bad ones, and indifferent ones. Having higher testosterone levels is a good factor that can bring with it, among other things, less body fat. Having less body fat will open you up to more positive things like increased confidence, a better mood, and possibly … Continued

5 Ways To Naturally Increase Your T-Levels This Week

Nothing gets more attention in the world of male health than testosterone, or T-levels. If you lack this important hormone you basically don’t exist, because it is so important for so many of life’s functions. There are some key things you can do to give your levels a boost and get them percolating in a … Continued