Do Testosterone Injections Cause Penis Growth?

Unless you’re a complete imbecile, you know good and well that testosterone is arguably the most important hormone in the male body. Aside from its role in helping you build and maintain muscle, it is also needed for brain function, mood support, sex drive and bone strength. You can say it is the “master” hormone. … Continued

Discover our new and improved TestoGen formula

You work hard. You play hard. You deserve the best. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with our powerful new TestoGen formula. It took a lot of time, sweat, research and development, but the new formula is finally here. So, what does this mean for you? Quite simply, you can expect to see … Continued

Here’s what Sex Does to your Testosterone Levels

Are you one of those guys who believes that if you don’t have enough sex, your testosterone levels will fall off the scale? Do you pester your partner for sex constantly, worrying that having less will make you less of a man? Whilst it’s true that the more you have sex, the more you want … Continued

4 Common T-Level Myths You Need To Stop Believing

When it comes to T-levels, there are certain things that are fact and others that are fiction. It is in your best interest to differentiate between the two. Here are 4 myths you should never believe: 1 Supplements don’t work You will read article after article online which state that certain supplements don’t boost T-levels. … Continued

5 Advantages Of Higher T-Levels

Every now and then you become a little lazy or unenthusiastic about something. That’s OK – it happens to everyone. What you need to do at times like this is locate a key motivator to get you back on track. If you suspect your T-levels are a bit low, learning the advantages of having them … Continued

The Science Of Testosterone And Heavy Lifting

When you waltz into a gym, you want to make good and sure that you maximize your time or you will end up frustrated and possibly fall off the wagon. That’s where heavy lifting comes in. Sure, you can get results by lifting some piddly weights and doing foofoo exercises. But that’s not going to … Continued

How Often Should You Eat To Increase Your T-Levels?

The love of food has caused a pretty big ripple across the world. Burgeoning healthcare costs are closely related to the fact that people have become so overweight and obese. This is what raises the risk of chronic disease, which, in turn, has an impact on the healthcare industry. But when you turn the coin … Continued

Alcohol And Your T-Levels: What You Need To Know

There are certain habits that are worse than others and some that are really hard to break. Alcohol consumption ranks very near the top of this list. It often starts off as a social thing among friends. Then you start having a beverage or two with dinner every night. Before you know it, you’re imbibing … Continued

Can T-Levels Ever Be Too High?

As a man, you are always looking for ways to keep your testosterone levels revving high. As well you should be, because testosterone is a vital component of your daily life. But is there a point where your T-levels can be too high? And if so, what harm can this cause? It’s good to know … Continued

Boost T-Levels With This High-Fat Meal

Fat is often looked upon as this evil thing that you should avoid like the flu. Well, contrary to popular belief, it is a very important macronutrient for your body. All of your hormones rely on fat for proper functioning, especially testosterone. Think about that the next time you entertain the idea of buying low-fat … Continued