Testosterone and Sex

10 tips to reignite your sex life

It happens to almost all relationships, the honeymoon period at the start, then as time goes by, it simmers into a slow glow. To prevent that fire from withering out completely, it’s important to spice things up and poke the fire every once in a while. Looking into what you can do to make things more exciting can be great fun. You discover what each other like, your bodies and personalities, making it easier to keep things hot.

As those routines creep in and you become more laid back in your relationship, it can be easy for that sexual chemistry to dwindle. When it gets to this, an effort is needed to heat things up between one another.

Well then, let’s find out what you can do to spice things up.

Leave the bed behind

One of the best ways to discover new things in the bedroom is to be out of the bedroom. When you’re both confident in your privacy, take your sessions to other places that take your fancy. This could be anywhere in the home, such as:

  • Couch
  • Kitchen counter
  • Dining table
  • Office desk
  • Shower
  • Car
  • Swimming pool
  • Garden

Sex outside of your bedroom adds a vibe of spontaneity and a sense of impatience like you won’t make it to the bedroom and you can’t keep your hands off each other. It’s likely that you had sex like this earlier on in your relationship. The memories of this will come flooding back and can be a real turn-on.

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Get into some new positions

It’s likely that many of us have heard of the Karma Sutra. It lists 64 sex positions to try with most couples becoming tired after three or four. Typically, couples find the moves that work for both parties and then stick to those. However, shaking it up every so often is what can keep things alive.

Typically all sex positions begin from one of three starting points:

  • Someone on top
  • Standing up, lying side by side
  • Face-to-face vs. rear entry

With these bases covered, everything else is simply a variation. Once you’ve got the basics mastered, the world is your oyster. You could try:

  • Reverse missionary
  • Reverse cowgirl
  • Rear-entry with your partner bent over the bed

If you try something new and it’s not for you, there is nothing wrong with going back to what you know. However, it’s also possible that you may both discover sensations you didn’t think existed. It’s important that you listen to your body and your partner.

Some can find trying something new really daunting as they’re worried it’ll be an embarrassing affair. Even if the new position doesn’t go well and becomes comical, it’s not a disaster. See it as a chance to laugh and bond, sex is supposed to be fun after all.

Lights on, lights off

Studies have discovered that those who are single prefer having sex with the lights on. In comparison to those in a relationship or are married who would rather have their steamy session in a dimmer setting.

Another study found that men who were exposed to bright light for a period of time during the day had a higher sex drive. They were also found to have increased testosterone levels.

If you are a couple that usually prefers sex in the dark, try keeping the lights on. Seeing each other during these intimate moments can really get you both excited. Guys are more visual creatures, so tend to get more excited by seeing things. Vice versa, if you’re a lights-on couple, plunge yourselves into darkness and see what happens. The lights-off method could work really well for those who love fantasy as the unexpected and unknown can be a real turn-on.

Enjoy toys as well as each other

Sex toys can be a vital element in many long-term relationships. Typically, it’s rare that a woman will give up her favorite toys because there is someone in bed with them on a regular basis, nor should they have to.

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A shopping trip to your local adult store could have you entering a new world of possibilities to boost your play sessions with your partner. There are endless options, including:

  • Cock rings to enhance pleasure
  • Penis sleeves to prolong intimacy or enhance size
  • Vibrators in order to stimulate the clitoris during penetration
  • Butt plugs or anal beads to add anal stimulation

Talk about fantasies

Why not ask your partner about ways to spice things up? They are the best source of all and there is no need to be ashamed of sexual fantasies. Make sure you both understand that your relationship is a safe space to talk about all your darkest secrets and desires.

Additionally, what needs to be recognized is that opening up this sort of conversation means you may find out something you may not want to know. Although, it’s better to find out now, rather than later, right?

Play rough

Now, this is a subject that some can find very intimidating. You love your partner and obviously don’t wish to hurt them. However, with that being said, a survey found that 62% of women like rough sex. It’s a subject that can be very open to interpretation, but the rough play could include:

  • Control (submissive/dominant)
  • Spanking
  • Hair pulling
  • Biting
  • Scratching
  • Choking

It’s really important to talk to your partner about these things before giving it a go. If you do attempt a little rough play, take extra care to not leave marks as these actions can look like assault. This kind of rough play should only be considered with a trusted partner, and gradually build this up so you’re both safe.


After a long day, sex can feel like the last thing you want to be doing. But who doesn’t want a massage?

Go all out with the music, nice sheets, get the oils and dim the lights.

Massages are a great way to bond and enjoy each other’s bodies without sex. However, once you’re relaxed and that dopamine kicks in, who knows?


So, this one is something many people won’t try out of fear of embarrassment, and that’s completely understandable. But, if you are committed to it, sexual roleplaying can make every sex session a new adventure. You never know, you could uncover kinks and power dynamics, making everything more exciting.

Here are some dress-up ideas for you to look into:

  • Boss and employee
  • Prisoner and guard
  • Doctor and patient
  • Student and teacher

Make it tasty

Go wild and consider food play. This can be whatever you like but is usually in the realms of:

  • Chocolate sauce
  • Whipped cream
  • Edible lubricant
  • Edible underwear

Take things public

We’re entering the danger zone now, usually where only professionals dare to enter.

Having sex in public provides the ultimate thrill for many couples, from the rush of spontaneity to the risk of being caught. Speaking of getting caught, there are many public places where having sex violates public indecency laws.

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You may not know but sex on your balcony if it’s public-facing is still a violation. There will also be plenty of couples out there dreaming of joining the mile-high club. However, sex in a toilet on an airplane is illegal. As is road head and any other sexual acts performed behind the wheel of a moving vehicle.

The other danger zones you need to be aware of are:

  • Public parks
  • Back seats of cars parked in public
  • Alleys
  • Public beaches

There are more subtle public places you can try having sex such as a bathroom or vacant bedroom of a party. This one may surprise you, but sex in bathrooms of nightclubs is also very popular. An advantage of public sex is that if someone catches you, they will likely be too embarrassed to call you out. Instead, they’ll probably just look the other way or leave.


Well, there’s a lot of information for you to take away and implement. Putting it mildly, sex does matter. Much of the time, it’s the glue that holds a relationship together.

Research has shown that modern relationships can start to fail after just a few bad sexual encounters. A partner may potentially not even share any dissatisfactions until it’s too late. Instead, don’t sit around and wait for that inevitably awkward conversation, spice it up now for a better sex life.

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Testosterone and Sex

The relationship between sleep and your T levels

Growing older is going to come with its own set of challenges. it’s more than your hair going grey, and if you get to keep it, your body also starts to decline. Sadly, this is going to include a drop in testosterone production, the major male sex hormone.

The connection between testosterone and aging has been made pretty clear if you’ve watched football or any late-night TV recently. All it seems to be is adverts promising to help guys age backward and solve all their problems.

The simple fact is your testosterone peaks in your teens and late 20s. So, by age 30, your T levels start to drop about 1% per year. Typically, by the time we reach our 40s, many men and women experience symptoms of low testosterone from low libido to general everyday sluggishness.

It is then absolutely no surprise that the testosterone therapy market is booming with companies estimating it’ll hit $1.4 billion by 2024.

However, before you go buying all the medication that’s been pitched to you on TV, let’s take a look at how sleep and your testosterone are linked and what this means for your body.

Hows does sleep affect Testosterone production?

So, sleep and testosterone are interconnected.

Your testosterone levels rise when you’re sleeping and then decrease the longer you’re awake. The highest levels of testosterone production occur during REM sleep. This is the period later in the sleep cycle that replenishes your mind and body.

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Due to this, it’s then really easy to see why it doesn’t take long before bad quality sleep is sending your testosterone production spiraling. Studies have discovered that even just 8 days of only 5.5 hours of sleep can create a 10-15% decrease in testosterone production. The participants’ testosterone levels suffered as they were not able to remain in a deep sleep long enough to reap the natural benefits.

Why is T production so important?

Well, now we know some more about the importance of sleep, let’s take a look into why it matters.

Testosterone is a vital sex hormone for many things, such as:

  • Burning fat – Testosterone helps our bodies to burn fat faster. When we don’t get the sleep we need, this inhibits the body’s ability to burn fat as the lower T levels have been associated with an increase in body fat.
  • Muscle building – We need testosterone to build strength and muscle. It plays a part in protein synthesis and boosts neurotransmitters, which also improve muscle tissue growth.
  • Maintains a healthy sex drive – Now, this is perhaps what testosterone is best known for, as it is directly linked to your libido. Men that suffer from low T may have a lower sex drive and maybe even erectile dysfunction.
  • Brain health – it’s a hormone not just for the body, but for the mind too. Many studies have revealed that a good testosterone level can help preserve brain tissue as we age. This has also been linked to better memory retention in older men.
  • Preventing injury – There has been research that may prove a connection between healthy testosterone levels and the body’s ability to prevent injury. A huge study of NBA players showed a massive increase in injury risk in those who experienced drops in their testosterone levels. These findings are exactly why players have prioritized sleep over other things. Now, these results are something that applies to all ages and body types. Testosterone is linked to increased red blood cell production and bone density, which is very helpful as we age.

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The bottom line

After reading all that, we hope you’ve found a good reason to get a good night’s sleep. For both men and women, not getting good quality sleep can lead to your testosterone going downhill in a matter of days. Now, we’re not sure about you, but we think the negative effects on your body and potentially in the bedroom aren’t worth it.

Ensuring you get at least seven hours of sleep each night will allow your body to work through the sleep cycle and get into a deeper sleep. If you’re suffering from low T, then starting with the simple step of getting more sleep seems like the logical way to kickstart your body. Falling asleep as soon as you can and entering REM sleep is vital to maintaining a healthy testosterone level.

We completely agree that low testosterone is a concern, but please don’t fall for all the TV ads that are selling a quick fix, that likely won’t even work. Instead, create the habit of getting better sleep and increase your testosterone production naturally and slow the inevitable drop to come from old age.

Boost your levels naturally with Testogen

If you’re looking for something that will provide complete support for all male health and wellness, then you need Testogen.

With our 100% safe and natural formula, you can expect to experience:

  • Revamped energy levels
  • Boosted performance
  • Heightened libido
  • Increased fat loss

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Testosterone and Sex

Want to know what happens in a dry spell?

Are you and your partner in a bit of a sexual slump? Now, what we can tell you is to not worry and that you’re certainly not alone. Due to covid, we spent more time with our partners than ever, and this put a strain on many relationships. As life is more normal now, life is busy. Work commitments, friends, and family are some of the many things that get can in the way of you getting freaky in the bedroom, or anywhere really.

However, like that first falling domino, once a sexual slump starts, it can be difficult to come back from. Not only that, but it can also affect your health.

So, let’s get to it and discuss the issues that may arise for a lack of getting jiggy.

More likely to get colds and flu

Sadly, not having your weekly alone time with your partner means that you miss out on any immune-boosting benefits. Studies have revealed that those who had sex once or twice a week had a 30% boost in immunoglobulin A, in comparison to those who have sex rarely or do not have sex at all. Immunoglobulin A (IgA) is our first line of defense when trying to fight off viruses.

Additionally, if you’re feeling a bit under the weather and your partner doesn’t mind, having a session under the covers together can provide some relief from nasal congestion. There have been studies that have even suggested that sex acts like a painkiller.

The endorphins that are released during orgasm can block pain, even that of a migraine. So, if you’re not feeling so hot and suffering from a sinus headache, sex could be the cure. Now, we don’t know about worth, but it’s worth a try, right?

Your relationship may feel a little… strained

It can be that some couples simply don’t have sex and that works for them. However, not having sex can take its toll on your relationship security, closeness and happiness too.

No steamy sessions in a marriage may mean that your self-esteem takes a hit and causes you both to feel guilty. In addition, you may also experience a decrease in your levels of oxytocin and the other bonding hormones. You also then have the possible fear that one of you may look for other ways to scratch the itch when it comes to sexual needs, which can lead to some paranoia.

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As we’ve said already, this is not to say that a sexless couple can’t be happy. Sex is just one form of intimacy for couples, and over time you learn each other’s love language and use this to bond. Even little things like handholding, kissing, and giving compliments are a way of feeling emotionally connected to your partner.

Increased anxiety

If you speak to your friends, you’ll likely discover the common theme that people like having sex to let off steam and relax.

Some studies have shown that those who abstain from sex can find it difficult to cope in stressful situations like public speaking. This is when it is compared to those who had sexual intercourse at least once every two weeks.

Further research revealed that during sex, our brains release feel-good chemicals such as endorphins and oxytocin, these are what allow us to feel more at ease. It’s actually these hormones that allow us to feel and help relieve feelings of anxiety. Additionally, orgasms and other sexual activity can help to relax your body and support overall health and wellbeing.

Higher risk of erectile problems

Well, we didn’t want to make it sound like you’re in a use-it-or-lose-it situation, but it kinda does seem like one. According to studies, men who aren’t getting down and dirty on a regular basis are twice as likely to experience erectile dysfunction. This is in comparison to those who are having sex once a week or more.

It’s sad that as the penis is a muscle, regular sex can help to preserve potency in the same way that physical exercise maintains strength.

Increased risk of prostate cancer

Guys, we’re sorry, but there’s more. If you’re going through a sexual slump, then you may also be missing out on prostate perks too. Yes, it may sound strange, but studies have shown that men who enjoyed sex regularly also enjoyed a 20% drop in the risk of prostate cancer.

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Research into this has found that frequent ejaculation may rid the body of cancer-causing substances and therefore, lower your risk.

Our conclusion

So, it’s clear that not having sex has the potential to interrupt life in many ways. From feelings of anxiety and worrying about your relationship to then having to concern yourself with erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer.

If you’re not having sex, but you want to be, then maybe it’s about time you sit down with your partner and have a conversation. It may be that they are suffering from insecurities or anxieties themselves, but haven’t been able to find the words to talk about it. To avoid further relationship strains and problems, it’s far better to get it out in the open and discuss it.

When just a couple of sessions tumbling around with your partner in the bedroom is all that is needed to live a happy and healthy life, then you’d better get to it.

Wanna jump right back in with your mojo intact?

It can be hard to come back from a dry spell, but we can tell you it’s going to be worth it.

If you feel like you’re going to need some support, we’ve got you covered with Testogen.

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Testosterone and Sex

Does masturbation decrease testosterone levels?

As men, we know how important our testosterone levels are. From building muscle mass to our sexual health, there’s no denying it – our testosterone levels make us men.

And so, along the lines of what makes us men… Masturbation and testosterone is always a hot topic. With many factors affecting serum testosterone level, including sexual activity, it leads us to question…

Does masturbation decrease testosterone levels? We’ve done the digging for you, don’t worry. Keep reading to find out how masturbation affects testosterone levels – according to professional medical advice.

But first, why is testosterone so important?

Your testosterone levels play a crucial role – including links to your sex drive, mood, energy levels, body hair… The list goes on.

It’s safe to say that sexual activity can influence your testosterone levels, but what about a masturbation induced orgasm? Let’s take a closer look.

Does sexual arousal increase testosterone levels?

Before we evaluate the links between masturbation and testosterone, we must first review sexual desire and testosterone levels. In short, your T levels are highly related to sex drive. During sexual activity, testosterone levels are known to increase, whether it’s through masturbation, foreplay or intercourse.

A sudden increase in testosterone levels can have negative effects, including aggression, while also promoting muscle mass growth. However, when we talk about these implications, we’re not referring to short term effects directly after sexual activity. But instead, the result of long term heightened testosterone levels.

But let’s get back to business…

What’s the deal between a masturbation induced orgasm and testosterone levels?

HGH treatment low testosterone

Sure, sexual activity in the form of intercourse may increase your testosterone levels, but how does it work when you’re enjoying a little me time?

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Unfortunately, the truth behind ‘does masturbation decrease testosterone?’ is not a simple yes or no answer. While some studies disagree entirely with the possibility that masturbation could reduce testosterone levels, there’s no denying that ejaculation can lead to some profound changes in biochemistry, many of which can feel similar to low testosterone levels.

Yet again, it’s important to remember how the male sex drive is linked to testosterone. While your T levels may be heightened during sexual activity, post-orgasm in healthy men, they are known to return to normal. But can (and do they?) return to a lower level?

There could be some confusion here regarding the symptoms of low testosterone. Post-ejaculation, men may experience the following:

  • Sleepiness or lethargy
  • Changes to mood – apathy or depression
  • Reduced motivation

With the above taken into account, it can be easy to feel as though your testosterone levels are low post-ejaculation – through sex or masturbation – as the symptoms (short term after sex) are similar.

Can masturbation reduce testosterone?

The most common reason people suspect that masturbation and low testosterone levels are linked is that excessive use of porn and masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction and erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

Much like the way men practice edging in order to last longer during sexual activity, excessive masturbation could lead to an increased risk of erectile dysfunction (ED). During self-pleasure, ejaculation can be rushed, making it difficult to last longer in bed with a partner.

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There are many side effects to low testosterone, no matter your age – including erectile dysfunction. During arousal, testosterone levels are increase – which is why holding onto this state of arousal without ejaculating can have a number of interesting benefits.

Are there benefits and risks of masturbation?

sex tips for him

Human sexual activity in the form of masturbation is totally normal – and natural. As well as sexual pleasure, it can have a number of other benefits, including:

  • Stress relief
  • Reducing sexual tension
  • Improve your mood
  • Helps you to relax
  • A more satisfying sleep
  • Allows you to learn more about your sexual desire
  • Can improve your sex life
  • Alleviates cramps

In terms of risks, as we mentioned above – excessive masturbation may lead to erectile dysfunction and sexual performance anxiety. When going it alone, ejaculation may be rushed – which can potentially damage your performance in the bedroom. However, it’s important to note that masturbation doesn’t cause hair loss, etc, as some may claim.

Although… Masturbating excessively may cause psychological effects that damage your testosterone levels. For some men, they may feel guilty when they masturbate, which may lead to anxiety and depression – which in turn, can lead to low testosterone.

Can sexual abstinence increase athletic performance?

When paired with muscle-gaining or weight loss techniques, abstaining from ejaculation has been reported to increase athletic performance.

However, studies have shown that there is actually no definable link between ejaculation and testosterone levels – with the exception of a brief spike in T levels somewhere between days 6 and 8 of abstinence. In fact, some studies have shown that testosterone levels may decrease slightly after several weeks of abstinence.

One thing’s for sure – masturbation won’t hinder your performance in the gym – however, it could potentially hinder the energy levels required to follow an intense workout routine.

Current research suggests that testosterone will be highest around a week after your last ejaculation. This knowledge could be beneficial for improving athletic performance, especially if you schedule a competition or an intense workout around this time.

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Does ejaculation hinder these effects?

If you were to masturbate several times a day, it would come as no surprise that you may perform differently in the bedroom (or the gym). Many of the potential ‘side effects’ are associated with frequent masturbation, with the occasional me time unlikely to cause any real side effects.

However, ejaculating at some point during the week before testosterone levels spike will likely reset the clock, and you wouldn’t experience any benefits until abstaining for another week.

Short term abstinence vs long term abstinence

There is plenty of debate as to whether short-term abstinence or long-term abstinence is the better option for enhancing health overall.

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At the moment, there is not enough human research done on the effects of short or long-term abstinence from masturbation.

Either way, people and science report different effects between short and long-term abstinence.

Are you suffering from low testosterone levels?

Low testosterone levels can cause many different signs and symptoms in men, including:

  • low muscle mass
  • decreased strength or endurance
  • reduced facial or body hair
  • mood disturbances
  • erectile dysfunction
  • memory loss or difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty sleeping
  • osteoporosis


While of course, there are plenty of studies showing a link between masturbation and testosterone levels – there is still more than enough room for further research. When it comes to sexual function, testosterone plays an important role.

However, there is still quite a lot of confusion surrounding the idea that masturbation can increase or decrease testosterone levels, and current medical studies simply have not reached a valid conclusion.

Both in some studies and in communities online, many men report significant improvements to their health and well-being by abstaining from masturbation. However, we believe that this may be a result of something other than testosterone.

Sexual abstinence may work for some men, while it can deliver different results for others. In answer to the common question, ‘does masturbation decrease testosterone?’ excessive self-pleasure may affect your sexual function, but the occasional masturbation induced orgasm is totally healthy. Masturbation itself will not lower your testosterone levels.

How to increase testosterone levels, safely

Struggling to build muscle? Feeling fatigued? Serum testosterone can be increased naturally, with exercise, the right diet and the support of Testogen. If you’re worried about your hormone levels, Testogen can safely boost your testosterone – with just four capsules a day. Zero side effects and no needles in sight – Testogen is 100% safe and backed by clinical studies.

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Testosterone and Sex

21 sex tips for men

Let’s be honest, no matter how good you think you are in the sack, we can all benefit from a sexual boost now and then.

Whether you’re seeking new sex techniques for men or the latest sex tips for guys, there’s no harm in mixing it up between the sheets. Plus, she’ll be grateful you read our sex guide – you can thank us later!

Better sex tips for him

Sex is a two-way street, but that doesn’t you can’t keep one ear to the ground for the hottest sex techniques to keep your partner happy in bed.

Often, it’s the ladies seeking ‘better sex tips for him’ so why not surprise her in bed after learning a thing or two… You know it makes sense.

Without further ado, let’s dive in. Here are 21 sex tips for men you can try right away.

1. Communicate, a lot

sex techniques for men communication

Sure, dirty talk is awesome, but there’s more to great sex than talking dirty in your partner’s ear. At the start of a relationship, everything is new and exciting – especially in bed. Over time, we can get a little complacent, simply going through the motions.

So, what should you do? Well, it’s time to break the cycle. Ask your partner what she wants to do and feel. Don’t feel embarrassed in telling your partner what turns you on, either.

2. Get her in the mood… Around the house

better sex tips for him

While shagging on the dining table sounds like one of many better sex tips for men to try, we’re not quite talking about foreplay up against the fridge.

If you want to get your partner in the mood, help out around the house first. By helping out with household chores and errands, you’ll make her feel valued – way before jumping in the sack.

Trust us, she’s far more likely to be in the mood for sex if you help out first. Make household chores and errands and equal split.

While this may not quite be top of our better sex tips for him – it sure will help her energy levels at least.

3. Eat well

I’m not talking about eating fruit off your partner’s chest, but more about treating your body well. Following a healthy, varied diet helps to keep your general health in check, including your sex drive. Eating plenty of fruit and veg can keep your cholesterol levels low, keeping your cardiovascular system ticking along nicely.

This means that when it does come to sex, you’ll be able to perform at your best.

Sex tips for guys aren’t all about getting hot and heavy between the sheets, but about looking after your body to get there in the first place.

4. Get regular exercise

Exercising regularly can not only keep your health in check, but also contribute towards a healthy self-image, self-esteem and improve your sex drive.

Plus, when you can keep up the pace in the gym, you’ll hardly break a sweat in the bedroom! On the flip side, without a balanced diet and regular exercise, you could be putting your body at risk of health issues, obesity, and erectile dysfunction.

Exercise is crucial in our sex guide for men!

5. But not too much exercise…

While regular exercise is certainly one of our best sex tips for men, exercising too much can have the opposite effect. If you’re working yourself too hard in the gym, you’re more likely to feel fatigued, with low energy – and definitely not in the mood for sex.

When your body goes out of whack due to overtraining, it can also disturb your sleep and affect your mood.

Instead of hitting the gym 24/7, try to keep it to a few times a week.

6. Exercise together

If you’re enjoying working out, why not hit the gym or head out for a run together? Not only will keep both of your libidos running smoothly, but it’ll also boost your endorphins.

Exercising with your partner is a great way to connect with your other half, improving both the efficiency of your workouts and happiness in your relationship.

Those that sweat together, stay together – making this one of our favorite sex tips for men.

7. Make time for sex

Blocking off time in your diary for sex may not sound sexy, but this is easily one of our best sex tips for guys. Think about it – we’re all busy, making it difficult to ‘make time’ when juggling work and home life.

Set some time aside to ensure both you and your partner are making time for each other.

8. Refrain from having sex

Wait, not having sex? How does that work? Bear with me…

Abstinence is actually a great sex tip for guys, since it builds anticipation for your next steamy session. Whether it’s a weekend, a week or even just a few days, that lust for forbidden fruit will make your next sex session all that more exciting.

9. Give her a massage

sex tips for him

For men, sex is about excitement. For women, however, they’re far more likely to feel in the mood for sex via relaxation.

Grab yourself some massage oil and massage her back and shoulders, or run her a hot bath and wash her hair for her.

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As far as sex tips for guys go, relaxing your partner is easily one of our top tips.

10. Focus on a feature

Ready to drive your partner wild? Focus on a particular feature and whisper in her ear just how hot she really is.

While this tip is somewhat obvious, it’s totally necessary in our sex guide for men. Every woman wants to feel adored and sexy – so now’s your time to shine.

11. Tease with technology

No, I’m not talking about sex toys (although they could certainly help for spicing things up!) – I’m talking about getting her in the mood for sex over text/email.

Stuck at work? At the gym? No problem, send her sexy messages throughout the day. If you want to get a little more detailed with your daydreams… Why not email her from work?

Don’t forget to use your personal email address, however… Nobody wants their wildest fantasies accidentally CCing to the office manager.

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12. Don’t skip foreplay

Right, guys, I’m going to just say it – foreplay matters. No matter how long you’ve been together, foreplay warms you both up for sex (quite literally!) and contributes towards more intense orgasms.

Don’t go straight to sex. Trust me, she’ll thank you for it. When it comes to sex techniques for men, foreplay is always a winner.

13. Pay attention

Much like foreplay, paying attention to those sensitive spots will drive your partner wild. Start by kissing her neck, her collarbone, and down her stomach. Stay clear of where she really wants you to go, and concentrate on everywhere else.

Believe me, she will love/hate the tease and want you in no time.

14. Let her take charge

One of the best sex tips for men is to let your partner take charge. Don’t be afraid to let her lead, telling you exactly where to go and what to do. If she’s always in charge, however, now it’s time for you to take control.

Letting her take the lead is easily one of our favorite sex tips for guys.

15. Lube it up

Using lube doesn’t mean that you’re not getting your partner wet enough for sex. All women are different down below, so don’t be afraid to keep some lube handy for those occasions.

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Our best sex tips for him: Try flavored lube

16. Try new positions

If you feel as though your sex life has become a bit same-same, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Don’t be afraid to try a new position, introduce sex toys or experiment with roleplay.

Nervous about trying out these sex techniques for men? Communication with your partner is key.

17. Try sex outside of the bedroom

Whether it’s in the shower or the great outdoors, one of our favorite sex tips for men has to be sex in a new location.

For many, the excitement of sex outdoors is enough to achieve a mind-blowing orgasm. Mix it up!

18. Touch each other, without sex

Sex techniques for men aren’t all about physical sex together… You can improve your sex life by being intimate with one another, in a non-sexual way.

Love and affection go a long way, so don’t be afraid to kiss your partner often.

19. Look after your junk

It should be pretty obvious that you need to look after your junk, washing regularly and generally looking after yourself.

Alongside this, be careful to avoid penile injury. If you and your partner like things rough, her being on top a little… Vigorously, could lead to injury.

20. Do kegel exercises

If you’ve been searching for ‘better sex tips for him’, you’ve come to the right place. Premature ejaculation is an issue for many men, but there are some things you can do to avoid it.

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Kegel exercises work to strengthen the pubococcygeal (PC) muscles of the pelvic floor, helping you to control your orgasms during sex.

When it comes to sex techniques for men, kegels are up there with the best!

21. Experiment with edging

sex tips for him

Concerned about arriving early? One of the best sex tips for him is to experiment with edging.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Edging is the act of bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm – then stopping completely.

While it seems like a total anti-climax (quite literally), it will help you last longer in bed if you’re concerned with premature ejaculation.

Ready for better sex?

sex tips for him

Armed with these sex techniques for men, you’ll be well on your way to mind-blowing sex. Remember, communication is key for experimenting with your partner.

Looking for a way to boost your sex drive? Testogen’s 100% natural and powerful formula boosts your testosterone levels naturally, for a noticeable boost in energy, sexual performance and libido.

Testosterone and Sex

Long term abstinence and testosterone

Masturbation is a totally natural way to explore your own sexual pleasures. It’s a common question as to whether masturbation can make an impact on your testosterone levels.

You’re not alone in questioning does masturbation reduce testosterone, or whether semen retention benefits are very much a thing.

Whether you’re masturbating alone or enjoying a shared experience with a partner, masturbation can have a range of effects on those all-important T levels.

Masturbation itself doesn’t necessarily pose a threat to any other aspects of your physical health, but the relationship between masturbating and testosterone is quite an interesting one.

We explore it some more.

Testosterone and sex drive

We all know by now that testosterone and your sex drive go hand in hand. But it isn’t just sex with a partner that can have effects on your T levels.

During masturbation, your testosterone levels naturally rise, resuming to their regular levels after orgasm.

When your T levels are low, it’s common to experience a lack of sexual desire, no matter how attracted you are to your partner. But it’s not just your sex drive that can take the brunt of low T.

Signs of low testosterone

As well as affecting your libido, low testosterone can impact your body in many other ways. Here are some common symptoms of low T to watch out for:

  • Infertility
  • Reduced muscle mass
  • Rapid hair loss
  • Depression
  • Brain fog
  • Poor sleep
  • Increase in body fat
  • Growth in the chest (man boobs)
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) or issues getting hard
  • Feeling fatigued and sluggish

While many of these symptoms can be caused by lifestyle choices and other health issues, it’s important to pay attention to how these symptoms develop. If you have recently started or changed medication, these symptoms can be pretty similar.

Will masturbating prevent muscle building?

It’s not unusual to believe that masturbation may impact our bodies negatively.

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Since testosterone is known to help build muscle mass and support regular exercise, if masturbation were to reduce testosterone it could potentially impact muscle growth.

However, as we’ll go on to examine a little more closely, masturbation’s effects on testosterone are so far appearing short term.

Since there’s little to no clinical evidence either supporting or discrediting the idea that masturbation may impact muscle growth, it’s pretty safe to assume it won’t affect you building muscle.

What are the benefits of masturbation?

Masturbation is a natural part of our lives, helping us to explore and experience sexual pleasure. As well as being fun, masturbation also has other proven benefits:

  • Stress relief
  • Relief from cramps
  • Better sleep
  • Helping you explore your sexual desires
  • Helping alleviate feelings of anxiety
  • Mood improvements
  • Reduce sexual tension
  • Improve your sex life

Since many question whether masturbation reduces testosterone, masturbation is then linked to other health factors – kinda by association. However, masturbation doesn’t result in hair loss, erectile dysfunction (ED) or other concerns, such as facial and body acne.

These effects are much more strongly linked to your diet, hygiene and overall lifestyle choices – rather than your T levels as a result of masturbating or sexual activity.

Are there risks associated with masturbating?

Unless you’re masturbating pretty damn vigorously, masturbation itself doesn’t carry any real risks. However, it can have psychological effects, which in turn can affect your testosterone levels.

This includes a common feeling of guilt when masturbating, typically due to interpersonal or social pressures. If a person is led to believe that masturbation is immoral, or considered a type of cheating, it can be common to feel guilty.

Similar guilt can be linked to masturbation, when you may masturbate more than you engage in sexual activity with a partner. This can often cause problems within your relationship, with subsequent anxieties then impacting your testosterone levels.

If you’re worried or concerned that masturbating is affecting your relationship, try to speak openly with your partner regarding the role of masturbation within your relationship. If it causes further problems, you may consider therapy in order to dive deeper into how masturbation impact both, your partner and your overall relationship.

Does masturbation decrease testosterone?

Although it’s not uncommon to assume and pose the question: Does masturbating reduce testosterone? Studies have shown that ejaculating during masturbation doesn’t directly affect your T levels.

So, despite what many men may believe, your testosterone levels will not lower the more you masturbate.

Does not masturbating increase testosterone?

Since many men believe that masturbating may reduce your T levels, it would make sense that not masturbating would increase your testosterone – right?

Wrong. Ish. A study in 2001 examined 10 men that refrained from masturbating for three weeks, resulting in a slight increase in testosterone levels.

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However, where one study aims to prove not masturbating can increase testosterone, another study on rats found that frequent masturbation lowered androgen receptors in the brain. Just to throw another into the mix, a 2007 study (also on rats) showed that frequently masturbating increased estrogen receptor density.

Since there is plenty of room for research on humans, the lines can become a little blurred as to whether not masturbating does increase testosterone.

Examining long and short-term effects

Since the jury is still out on whether long term abstinence and testosterone levels have a close relationship, it’s worth examining the short and long term effects of masturbation on your T levels.

The research so far is somewhat limited, however, since recreating a natural environment within a lab to study masturbating is rather… Difficult.

However, all is not lost. Researchers focused their studies on a U.S sex club, with the aim to examine the changes in T levels in response to sexual stimuli. Since this was a real-world setting, the results would naturally be deemed much closer to ordinary, everyday circumstances.

During the study, researchers played close attention to the salivary testosterone levels of men both participating in sexual activity and those that simply observed. During this, they found that T levels increased across the board of male visitors, however, the increase was significantly higher in men who participated.

Interestingly, a study back in 1992 paid close attention to T levels in both men and women. Measuring T levels pre and post-sex as well as days without sexual intercourse, they established that testosterone levels were at their highest after sex. They also discovered that T levels were lower before sexual activity and on the days without intercourse.

In this case, it would suggest that sexual activity influences T levels, rather than the other way around.

While these are just short term effects on T levels, there is still plenty of space for further research into the long term effects of masturbating and long term abstinence and testosterone.

Long term abstinence and testosterone

For many men, sex is the last part of their lives they’re willing to let go. Let’s face it, it makes sense that long term and testosterone levels go hand in hand. With no sex, your T levels should naturally, increase, right?

Much like the debate of masturbation and increasing testosterone, long term abstinence and testosterone also has space for further research. In this instance, there are multiple studies that can back the claims of abstinence increasing testosterone, but by how much?

A 2003 study measured the T levels in men after various periods of abstinence from ejaculation – finding minimal movement in testosterone between 2 and 5 days.

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Although, T levels hit a peak after 7 days of abstinence.

In another 2003 study, hormone levels were measured (including T levels), during a masturbation-induced orgasm both before and after three weeks of semen retention. Interestingly, T levels were higher after this three weird period.

So, if long term abstinence and testosterone levels are frequently associated, what does that mean for erectile dysfunction and T levels? One study examining changes in testosterone evaluated men with ED after nonhormal treatment.

Compared to their control group, these participants began with lower T levels. Researchers found an increase in T levels in those who resumed regular sexual activity post-treatment.

Semen retention benefits: Is “90 day no fap” a thing?

Semen retention is the practice of avoiding ejaculation. This may mean refraining from all sexual activity and masturbation completely, or learning to orgasm without ejaculating.

Despite the ‘90 day no fap’ trend circling time and time again, the practice itself has been around for decades.

While there are many reasons for trialling semen retention, there are a variety of benefits associated with the ancient practice.

Much like men questioning, ‘does masturbation reduce testosterone?’ many believe that ejaculating regularly can weaken you. For some, semen retention benefits include:

  • Improved fertility
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Overall physical health

While those that are a little more spiritual believe that sperm retention redirects sexual energies to other areas of life.

And so, if you’re still wondering, ‘is 90 day no fap?’ a thing, the answer is: It really is. While many men follow long term semen retention and prefer to avoid the term, some prefer to jump on this 90 day trend to examine the short term results.


Masturbation and its effects on testosterone do not appear to harm your general health or testosterone levels.

While there seems to be a rocky relationship between masturbation, testosterone and the benefits of semen retention, research into this area has plenty of space for further analysis.

However, short term abstinence from engaging in sexual activity may increase your T levels. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, however, careful consideration is needed to establish the level of abstinence and semen retention benefits for you.

If you’re looking for a natural and safe way to increase testosterone levels, why not try Testogen? Our carefully developed formula is 100% natural and safe, improving your energy levels, muscle growth, libido and fat loss.

Testosterone and Sex

How to arouse a man with low testosterone

Low testosterone levels can amount to a whole host of health problems; brain fog, lethargy, heart disease, obesity, osteoporosis and even depression can all be linked to low levels of testosterone. Although treatable, one element of this condition that always feels like a mountain to climb is the accompanying low libido many men face.

A simple lack of sexual appetite plagues many men and is a common result of low testosterone levels. It’s not that men consciously don’t want sex, but instead rely upon sex drive and libido as the main motivator.

Whether single or in a committed relationship, low libido can have a considerable impact on your sex life and drive for sexual activity. It can be a confusing time for men who can’t understand why they’re no longer interested in sex, having relied upon their sex drive to motivate their sex life. It can be just as puzzling for your partner too.

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A common problem amongst many men, the result of low testosterone has often been compared to a lack of appetite – the food might be right there in front of you, but you simply have no desire to dig in.

In many relationships, it may feel as though your sexual spark has vanished. Many couples look to reignite the flame in order to regain that arousal, through sexual experimentation, sex toys and sexy talk. Of course, it can be disheartening when even the opportunity of something new and exciting still does nothing down below.

When these attempts fall flat, many partners can go through a whirlwind of emotions, quickly feeling resentful of one another, lonely or simply sad. Instead of reaching out for help, many men fall into their own cave of confusion and anxiety. With often a natural instinct to withdraw from your partner – instead of joining forces to resolve the matter – it can feel incredibly difficult to feel aroused once again.

What’s the solution to low testosterone?

In order to better understand how to turn on a man with low testosterone, first, we must uncover how we view sex. One common misconception is that we only engage in sex when we’re feeling horny. This thought alone can get in the way of a healthy, active sex life.

With men often leaving their sexual decision-making up to their hormone levels, sexual activity only arises when they believe their body is telling them to feel aroused. Instead, a focus on thoughtful, intentional nurturing of relationships with a focus on the needs of both partners, can result in healthy sexual activity that is good for your relationship and quality of life.

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Next, it’s time to talk about sexual activity. After all, there are plenty of things you can get up to that aren’t sex.

For men that experience low testosterone levels/low libido, it can often be difficult to gain (and maintain) an erection. In this instance, sexual activity needs to take a playful, pleasure-focused and fun turn. Often, the build-up to sexual performance can trigger anxiety and worry before the main event – getting in the way of arousal and spontaneity.

Take the opportunity to explore one another’s bodies. Crack out the massage oil, get playful. Buy some flavoured lube – You name it. Intercourse doesn’t have to be the finishing line, instead, take a simple shift to enjoy playing with one another. Think sex games over sex itself, intimately touching one another in new ways that are often bypassed on the way to intercourse.

How can you arouse a man with low testosterone or libido?

Unfortunately, there is no magic answer. Much like the shift from sexual intercourse to sexual exploration, the most helpful goal might be feeling validated, approved, understood, loved, connected and appreciated. While arousal is a great feeling, it’s not necessary to attain these goals.

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But… All is not lost. If low testosterone is definitely the cause of your low sex drive, there are some lifestyle choices you can begin to change, including:

  • Exercise – Moderate-intensity aerobic activity can improve sexual performance and give your testosterone levels a boost.
  • Keep an eye on your weight – A healthy weight can benefit your mind, stamina and testosterone levels. Studies have shown that abdominal fat has links with improved desire.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol, smoking and drugs.
  • Pay attention to your diet – Cutting out the junk in your diet and incorporating more high protein and low-fat foods can be effective in improving your sex drive.
  • Take a look over any medications – If you’ve noticed any side effects of your medications, it may be worth checking in with your GP.
  • Consider therapy – As well as physical factors, often a lack of libido or arousal can be linked to emotional elements, too. If everyday stress is playing on your mind, or something more, a therapist will be able to help work through your struggles.
  • Testogen is a natural testosterone booster that can reverse your lack of libido with no side effects. Plus, it’s packed with all-natural ingredients.

In order to navigate this transition within your relationship, many couples benefit from speaking with a sex educator or counsellor to gain a greater understanding of their sexual connection and activity.

One key takeaway is a new focus from within your relationship, creating a strong bond between you and your partner in order to sustain a healthy, understanding relationship.

Testosterone and Sex

Low Libido in Men – Do You Need a Libido Booster?

Are you struggling to get in the mood? Do you lack the energy to even try? Good chance the problem is your sex drive. Low libido in men is common and, luckily for you, you can overcome it.

Libido is most commonly associated with sexual activity and sexual desire, but libido can also involve things like general energy levels, motivation, and excitement. Without them, you’ll struggle to go at it.

So how to increase libido when your drive is down in the dump? Below I’ll point out some of the best libido boosters, so you can start having some fun again! Read on; your partner will thank you…

What causes low libido in men?
Foods that increase libido
Other ways to boost libido
Male libido supplements that increase testosterone

how to increase libido

What causes low libido in men?

Low libido can be a difficult problem, especially for young and healthy men who are supposed to be at the peak of their sexual prime.

Low libido can make it difficult for men to maintain their relationships and it can impact other areas of their life as well…

Symptoms of Low Libido

Low libido in men can cause a number of symptoms that can interfere with a man’s quality of life. Below I’ll name a few.

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Low sex drive

Many men who struggle with low libido have a hard time maintaining their sex drive. They’re often simply not interested in sexual activity.

This can be especially difficult for men who are in relationships and unable to meet the needs of their partner. If they don’t find a way to boost their libido quickly, it might lead to serious relationship problems…


Impaired sexual function

Many men who struggle with low libido may also not be able to perform when they are in the bedroom.

One of the identifying symptoms of low libido is erectile dysfunction – an inability to get or to maintain an erection.

Low energy and motivation

Many men with low libido find that they don’t just lack energy for performing sexually – they have low energy around the clock.

This can make it difficult to complete daily tasks and find the motivation to achieve your goals.

Low Libido Causes

If you notice any of the above problems, you might be concerned about what might be causing your low libido.

There are a lot of causes of low libido, and before learning how to increase libido it’s important to first identify what’s actually wrong.

Hypogonadism / Low Testosterone

When men experience low libido, often their first suspicion is that they have low testosterone levels. Often they might be right, as low testosterone can influence libido significantly. Let’s go through some of the causes.

First, it could be a medical condition called hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition in which men are unable to produce the necessary amount of testosterone for them to function properly.

Second, your testosterone might be low due to a range of other reasons. Common causes are obesity, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and drinking, or not enough exercise.

Low testosterone is known to cause a number of symptoms that can make life difficult for men, in addition to low libido.

In fact, many of the symptoms of low libido and low testosterone are similar or identical. Other symptoms include:

  • Lack of focus, concentration, or motivation
  • Decreased muscle mass or difficulty gaining muscle
  • Constant fatigue
  • More body fat

If you’re experiencing a number of the above symptoms then you might be struggling with low testosterone. Seeking natural ways to enhance your testosterone levels could fix your low libido.

However, if you’re not showing other symptoms of low testosterone, your low libido might be caused by something else.

Below, I’ll run you through some of the other potential causes for low libido in men.


There are a lot of medications out there that can lower testosterone or otherwise suppress libido or sexual function. In particular medication dealing with:

  • Blood pressure
  • Opioid medications (morphine, fentanyl)
  • Chemotherapy medication, corticosteroids, ketoconazole, and cimetidine
  • Many antidepressants
  • Steroids or other forms of testosterone replacement can lower testosterone production in the long-term

If you’re experiencing symptoms of low testosterone or libido, talk to your doctor about switching medications.

Doctor speaking with patient in office.


Depression is a difficult condition to live with that can lead to a loss of motivation and decreased interest in a number of things – including sex.

In fact, many depressed people are known to be unenthusiastic or uninterested in sexual activity.

Furthermore, antidepressant medications have been shown to reduce sexual desire even further. SNRI and SSRI medications, like Cymbalta or Prozac, have been shown to be particularly effective at lowering libido.


There are a lot of diseases and chronic conditions that can negatively affect libido.

If you’re constantly sick or in pain, then there’s no wonder that you’d find less time in your mind to focus on things like sex.

A number of illnesses have been shown to be particularly potent in suppressing libido, including:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure (can interfere with erections)
  • High or low cholesterol
  • Chronic organ failure
  • Sleep Problems

Some studies have revealed that men who struggle with sleep apnea may not produce as much testosterone as other men.

The link between testosterone and libido suggests that this could create problems with your sexual desire.


Another one of the most common causes of low libido in men is stress.

Stress can seriously interfere with your hormonal health. Stress causes the body to release more cortisol, a hormone that is notorious for causing effects that are undesirable to men.

Too much cortisol can also suppress libido.


Diet influences every aspect of our health and can be very important for maintaining and managing hormonal health.

If you have an unhealthy diet, chances are you will experience low libido – and a host of other symptoms that can make life a bit more uncomfortable.

Below, we have a list of foods that increase libido.

Young adults making love

Foods that increase libido

Knowing that diet is one of the best ways to increase your libido provides a simple option for helping to regain your sexual health.

A healthy diet, rich in grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, is important for maintaining your general health.

However, a number of foods might be of particular interest if you’re simply wondering how to boost your libido.


Chocolate might not be a good staple for your diet, but it can certainly help to increase libido in the short-term.

Good, organic, dark chocolate (75% or more) contains a number of compounds that are useful for helping to get things going.

One such compound is theobromine, a sister compound to caffeine that boosts mood and can work as an aphrodisiac.

The best way to go about this is to find a source of raw, unprocessed cacao beans or cacao powder.

Be careful, though – if you’re used to the heavily processed chocolate they sell in stores, raw chocolate can pack a serious punch. Start small (and, if possible, share some with your partner and see how things go).


Oysters are well-known as an aphrodisiac, and current belief holds that this is because they are such a rich source of zinc.

Zinc is necessary for the production of testosterone, and as such is important for anyone who is hoping to maintain their libido.

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oysters on a heart shaped plate


Avocados are another food that is known to be an aphrodisiac.

In addition to this, they’re simply great for you – a rich source of vitamin E, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids make avocados a great daily food.


Walnuts are great for you, and they’re also good for your sexual health. Walnuts are believed to increase sperm quality, meaning that they will boost your fertility.

Strawberries and Raspberries

Strawberries and raspberries contain a lot of zinc in their seeds. While they might not contain as much as a tin of oysters, they are certainly more viable options for vegans who are hoping to boost their zinc levels.

… not to mention the way that strawberries have been used in sexual advertisements for many, many years…

Other ways to boost libido

It’s not just your diet that can help you bump up your libido. Living a healthy lifestyle and following these tips will improve your sexual health.

Male libido supplements

There are a ton of supplements and herbs that are known to help boost libido. Some of the most popular supplements that can be used solo include:

    • Yohimbe

Yohimbe is a powerful African herb that’s known to function as a stimulant and an aphrodisiac.

This stuff is very strong and should be used with caution – otherwise, you might find yourself awake with a quick heartbeat and a powerful erection for hours.

    • Ginkgo biloba

Gingko is a powerful herb that’s known to increase blood flow throughout the brain and body.

It can promote the health of erections and also reduce anxiety associated with sexual dysfunction.

    • Garlic

Something as simple as garlic can work as a powerful aphrodisiac. As long as your sexual partner doesn’t mind the smell, garlic can provide a serious boost to libido.


If you’re not getting enough sleep, chances are you’re not going to be operating at your maximum potential.

This could mean that you’re not producing enough hormones, and this could impact your libido.

Increase Self-Confidence

Poor diet, unhealthy living habits, lack of socialization – all of these things can interfere with your self-image, making it difficult to approach the opposite sex or to find yourself sexually attractive at all.

Focus on your positive traits and remember past experiences in which you accomplished something or surprise yourself with your own behavior in a positive way.

Counseling and therapy can also be extremely helpful for boosting your self-confidence.


If you are losing your libido as a result of being too stressed out, something as simple as meditation can help.

Meditation is a very powerful technique that has been used for millennia to help ground the mind and the body, to reduce stress, and to enhance energy levels and cognition.

What yogis and Buddhists have known for thousands of years is now being proven by science. As a stress reliever, meditation can actually reduce cortisol levels in the blood.

In turn, this can reduce any symptoms of low libido that are being caused by high cortisol. Meditation might not be the best testosterone booster for libido, but reducing cortisol is just as important.

Male libido supplements that increase testosterone

There are so many male libido supplements out there that it can be hard to choose one that ticks all the boxes. Luckily, TestoGen does do just that.

TestoGen works in a fairly holistic manner by providing the body with a combination of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and adaptogenic herbal supplements that can restore libido and boost energy levels by helping the body produce testosterone.

Some of the ingredients include:

  • Zinc.
  • Vitamin D, important for the synthesis of protein.
  • Panax red ginseng, an adaptogen and libido booster.
  • Fenugreek, a seed often used in curry that has been shown to boost libido.

In addition to following a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle, supplements like TestoGen can help you maximize your hormonal health and boost your libido.

Testosterone and Sex

Testosterone and Libido – A Better Sex Life Even With Low Testosterone

Testosterone is the hormone that is most closely associated with the male libido. While it certainly does have a serious effect on a man’s ability to get aroused, it’s not the end-all. There are other things that you can work with to get aroused even if you have low testosterone.

That said, there’s no doubt that a testosterone deficiency can seriously impair your sexual health and libido. Low testosterone can lead to disinterest in sex and difficulty maintaining, or even getting, an erection.

In this article we’re going to talk about how you can find other ways to get aroused if you have low testosterone and libido. We’ll explain some ways to help you boost your T, but also provide an outline of some other ways that you can improve your sexual health without actually working with your T levels.

Combining some of the ideas in this article will certainly help to improve your sexual health and the satisfaction that you get out of sex.

Sexy young woman in black lingerie lie on top of boyfriend looking in eyes

Testosterone and libido connection (does testosterone increase libido?)

One of the biggest culprits that can cause low libido in men is low testosterone. There are a number of different reasons for this. If you want to know why your T levels are so important for your sexual health, it helps to know a bit about how the hormone works and what it actually is.

Testosterone is produced in your testicles (hence the name). It is involved in a lot of different bodily functions, such as:

  • The growth and mass of muscle in the body
  • The growth of hair
  • The sound of your voice
  • Your energy and motivation levels
  • Your sexual health and libido

The last bullet (sexual health and libido) relates to a lot of different aspects of your sexual health. Testosterone is important for maintaining your overall interest in sex: men with low testosterone may actually not be interested in sex whatsoever.

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But that’s not always the case. Some men with low T are still interested in sex, but find that their performance is lowered because of their T levels. Testosterone is what lets you get an erection and sustains that erection; without enough of it, you may develop erectile dysfunction and not be able to get it up at all.

T levels also affect your energy, which is hugely important if you want to perform well during sex. Being tired and lethargic is no way to satisfy you or your partner.

Low testosterone can also decrease your fertility, making it harder for you to have a child. This can also reduce your overall sperm count, making it hard to ejaculate a large volume of semen when you have an orgasm.

Testosterone and erectile dysfunction

Husband unhappy and disappointed in the erectile dysfunction

Pretty much everyone has trouble getting or maintaining an erection at some time during their life. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re struggling with low testosterone levels. However, if you often have a hard time getting or keeping it up, it might be because of your T levels.

Some men with testosterone deficiency may be able to get a very weak erection (a half-chub) which isn’t sufficient for having sex. Others may not be able to get an erection whatsoever. Still others may be able to get erections, but they only persist for a few seconds or a few minutes. Yet others require a great deal of stimulation and time to get anything resembling an erection.

As you can see, there are lots of different forms that erectile dysfunction can appear as. It’s important to note that these different kinds of ED can also have different causes aside from low T levels.

Anything that interferes with your blood flow or cardiovascular (heart) health can also interfere with your ability to get an erection. Since an erection is caused by blood filling up the tissue in your penis, if you’re not able to get blood down there, then you won’t be able to get an erection. You can also try natural supplements like Male Extra to help improve your performance.

The majority of cases of ED are caused by some issue of blood flow. However there are also some psychological causes. These are some other common causes of erectile dysfunction.

  • Hardening of the arteries (known as atherosclerosis) caused by a high-cholesterol diet can interfere with blood flow to the penis (and conversely, low cholesterol can affect T levels as well)
  • Chronic high blood pressure can make it hard to get an erection
  • Other physical health issues like diabetes can interfere with erections
  • The use of drugs like tobacco and alcohol, and many prescription drugs, can make it hard or impossible to get an erection
  • Anxiety and depression can both be psychological causes that prevent people from getting an erection
  • Relationship issues and lack of communication can make it hard for you to feel comfortable in the bedroom and can thus prevent you from getting an erection
  • Sleep deprivation or sleep disorders can mess up blood flow and make it hard to get an erection
  • Surgeries or injuries related to the prostate or penis area
  • Certain diseases: Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and metabolic syndrome can all make it harder to get an erection

As you can see, there are plenty of things that can make it hard for you to get an erection. If you have erectile dysfunction, you shouldn’t immediately assume that it’s caused by low testosterone levels.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction in addition to other signs of low T, however, then you might want to work on increasing testosterone levels. Other symptoms of low T include:

  • Low energy, lack of motivation
  • Lack of interest in sex, not being attracted to anyone
  • Difficulty thinking, ‘brain fog’
  • Loss of muscle mass, difficulty putting on weight
  • Changes in emotion – irritability, emotional instability, etc
  • Sleep problems like insomnia or oversleeping, or worsening of existing sleep conditions like sleep apnea

Ways to improve your sexual health when you have low testosterone

Fortunately, there are lots of ways that you can go about improving your sexual health. Some of these suggestions may have a direct influence on your T levels, but some may not. You may find that you are able to increase your sexual health with other lifestyle changes that aren’t directly related to increasing your testosterone levels.

Health and lifestyle changes

One of the best ways to improve your sexual health is to enhance your overall health. You can do this by making positive changes to your lifestyle. These can include:

Eat healthily & eat foods that increase libido

pomegranate fruit

One of the most important things for your sexual health is your diet. During school, we’re often told that it’s important to eat healthily so that we can have a strong body and lots of energy. What we’re not always told is that our diet is just as important for maintaining our sexual health and for increasing our libido.

The opposite is also true: unhealthy foods can wreak havoc on our sexual health. Even if you do eat a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies, eating garbage like processed sugar and refined carbs, like bread (especially white bread) can do terrible things for your sexual health.

These foods are known to spike blood sugar and, along with salty foods can aggravate blood pressure. This can make it hard to maintain an erection.

Cut out unhealthy food and include a lot of foods that increase libido and testosterone, such as oysters and pomegranate.


Young man exercising push up outside in sunny park

One of the best things that you can do to improve low libido in men is to get a lot of exercise, especially cardiovascular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is anything that causes you to get your heart pumping faster.

This is important because your cardiovascular system is what sends blood throughout your body. If you don’t have a healthy cardiovascular system then you simply won’t be able to pump blood down to your penis. This means you won’t be able to get an erection.

If, on the other hand, you get a good 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise several times a week, your body will be able to easily transport blood to all its tissues: including those in your penis.

Lose weight

This is a bit different than simply exercising for the sake of improving your cardiovascular health. If you are overweight, a number of problems can occur that would make it harder for you to get an erection.

Obesity can lead to blood pressure problems and can increase the risk of getting diabetes: two problems that can make it hard to get hard. Also, studies have shown that lower amounts of belly fat seem to be linked to higher levels of sexual desire.

Stop smoking and drinking

If you smoke tobacco or drink alcohol, these things can have a negative impact on your sexual health. They can raise blood pressure a lot, which means that it’ll become much harder for you to get an erection.

Many drinkers are also well-aware of the phenomenon known as whisky-dick, a problem that occurs when someone has drunk a lot of alcohol (whiskey or otherwise) and isn’t able to get hard or perform well during sex. This is because alcohol can decrease blood flow throughout the body both in the short and long-term.

Talk to a therapist

There are lots of psychological and emotional issues that can make someone more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. Talking to a therapist can be a great way to work through these problems, and can help you identify and work through any other mental health issues that you might be struggling with.

Build better intimacy with your partner

Naked man removing woman's bra intimately

Another way to improve your sexual health is to improve your relationship with your partner. Many men feel like they struggle with erectile dysfunction, when really there’s just an issue in their relationship that they’re not aware of, or willing to work on.

Let me tell you – developing the best relationship with your partner is one of the best ways to get over erectile dysfunction and improve your sexual health. There are lots of ways that you can go about doing this.

Communicate more

Chances are, if you and your partner communicate openly with each other, you can learn more about your problem. Chances are she may be worried that you are not attracted to her, since you can’t get an erection.

This probably isn’t the case, but talking with her about it can ease her mind. You can also explain to her that the problem isn’t caused by anything that you’re aware of. Perhaps during this conversation, you will be able to uproot the real cause of your ED.

Try new things

Sometimes trying something new is all that it takes to increase your sexual health and libido. If things are getting stale in the bedroom, consider making a point of getting out of your comfort zone. Try things like:

  • Living out one of the fantasies that you’ve never tried before – even (or especially) if it makes you a bit uncomfortable or embarrassed
  • Try out some new sexual positions or sexual ideas (things like BDSM – when done safely and responsibly – or role-playing can really boost some people’s sexual desire.

Get more touchy and less goal-oriented

One of the best ways to build intimacy with your partner is to start practicing non-goal-oriented touch. When many people have sex, they feel that the goal is to have an orgasm and to make sure that their partner has one.

This makes people feel obligated during sex – like it’s something that they have to do well at, or they will be embarrassed or disappointing. This can turn sex into something more like a chore than a pleasure, and can make it harder for men to get an erection.


There are lots of reasons that men can experience erectile dysfunction, including low T levels. However, there are lots of solutions that can help you restore your libido and sexual health that don’t relate to testosterone.

Following the tips set out in this article should help you to both identify the cause of your sexual perfomance issues and resolve them, but if you’re still worried, be sure to chat to your doctor.

testogen special offer

Testosterone and Sex

How to Be an Alpha Male – The Ultimate Guide To Improving A Mans Life

Becoming an alpha male can change your life. You can be a real man instead of always being the beta, the nice guy, the shy schmuck that never gets the girls.

You can turn your life around, but you need to know how to do it. You need to know how to be an alpha male, what alpha male traits successful men possess, and what the role of testosterone is in all of this…

We’ll run you through ALL of it and more in the article below so you can master the art of being an alpha male.

Buckle up! You’re just a short read away from becoming a real man…

Successful smart man

What is an Alpha Male

Before we give you that list of alpha male traits to master we need to make sure you know what it means to be an alpha male.

So let’s start with the basics: what is an alpha male?

Have a look at the definition of alpha male according to Cambridge, Collins and Macmillan dictionaries:

  1. “the most successful and powerful male in any group”
  2. “the dominant male animal or person in a group”
  3. “a man or male animal that behaves in a confident or threatening way”

We can see some key traits of an alpha male in these definitions. The alpha male is:

  • Succesful
  • Powerful
  • Dominant
  • Confident

The alpha male is the prime male, the leader, the one in charge.

In fact, the term alpha male is used to describe the leader of a group of animals. It’s the leader of the wolf pack, the fierce lion leading the troop.

Question is, how can YOU become the alpha in the room? Let’s find out…

A lone wolf sings his song on top at night

Common traits of Beta males

Before finding out how to be an alpha male, you need to learn how NOT to be a beta male.

Here are some tips on how you can stop being such a pushover and take control instead…

Nice guy syndrome

The worst beta male trait of all: you’re too nice!

Also called the “nice guy syndrome”, it’s when you have a guy that’s just always polite, who always shies away from conflict, the one who doesn’t want to cause trouble and prefers to be “the bigger man” by walking away…

True, there’s power and pride in being the bigger man, but it’s different from just being a scared pushover who doesn’t stand up for himself.

Be nice, but be strong and don’t let people mess with you. Stand your ground and speak your mind. Show people that you control your own life.


Lack of confidence

Lacking confidence is a major turnoff for women. Face it, she isn’t looking for a shy boy to hold hands with; she’s looking for a confident man who can sweep her off her feet and rock her world!

Beta males often tend to be shy and reserved, quiet and sometimes even scared; all because of a lack of confidence.

This lack can have many reasons. Maybe you feel like your opinion doesn’t matter, maybe you’re insecure because you wear glasses.

Maybe you’ve always struggled with keeping your testosterone levels up and building a more manly/muscular body (more about that further on)…

Whatever the reason, lack of confidence is one of the biggest beta male traits.

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Can’t overcome his fear

Look, nobody is 100% fearless, but if you make your girlfriend get rid of spiders in the house, that’s a sign you ARE 100% beta male…

Betas shy away from whatever makes them anxious or scared, instead of facing it like a real man.

businessman holding hammer hitting red FEAR word on concrete wal

Does not show what he really wants

This point really ties in with being a nice guy. You always say you’re “okay with whatever”. You shy away from conflict, you shy away from speaking your mind;

You shy away from being an alpha male!

Handwriting text writing Stop Being A People Pleaser.

Common Alpha man traits you need to master

We went through some of the main beta male traits, now let’s see how we can flip those around.

Let’s see what common alpha male traits you need to master to become an alpha male…


Of course, alpha male trait numero uno: masculinity. That’s what it’s all about here. It’s about you being a man instead of acting like a little b*tch!

You need to be strong and masculine to be an alpha male, but don’t confuse masculinity with muscularity.

Now don’t get us wrong, although masculinity is not all about being the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, it won’t hurt to go to the gym every now and then and stay in shape…

But masculinity is much more than just packing some muscle. Being a masculine alpha male is about more than peaking testosterone levels (although that’s part of it, more about alpha male testosterone further on this post).

Being masculine means you are a real man and a leader. It means you’re dominant and determined, while not being rude or a jerk. You speak your mind, but you also listen to others and treat people with respect.

Portrait Of Male Owner Standing Outside Coffee Shop


We mentioned how a lack of confidence is a beta male trait. Equally, confidence is one of the most important alpha male traits.

Put your head up high and be proud of who you are. Show the world that you are the master of your own life and destiny. Be confident and the ladies will love it.

It’s one of the most important factors in how to be an alpha male.

Attractive young business couple embracing at street


Just like most of these alpha male traits you need to make sure you don’t confuse them with negative traits like arrogance, cockiness, rudeness.

Being assertive means you know what you want and you’ll make sure you’ll get, but it doesn’t mean you’ll be a dick in the process.

Be polite and kind, but don’t be afraid to be assertive and go for what you want.

Notebook on table with text about soft competence: Be assertive


Do you really want to know how to be an alpha male? Then be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and take risks.

There’s nothing as manly and powerful as being willing to take a risk. As an alpha male, you don’t settle with the norm, you don’t take things for granted, you don’t constantly stay on the safe side.

You don’t shy away from taking risks now and then. And you know what? The women will absolutely love it!

Cliff Jumping

How to become an Alpha Male

So, we’ve seen beta male traits, we’ve seen alpha male traits, now how do we bring it all together so you can turn yourself into an alpha male?

Easy, just follow our list of tips below:

Stop copying other men

There’s nothing as pathetic as a guy trying to be someone he’s not.

Don’t think you can just copy the personality and look of, say, a celebrity. Instead, find your own identity and look.

So many guys out there try to conform and look like the rest. Truth is, it’s boring and fake. Instead, be original, be different, be yourself.

Business man writing - Don't Be Afraid To Be Different

Work on your weaknesses and strengths to become stronger

The easiest way to do this is by just grabbing a pen and paper and writing down your strengths and weaknesses.

Which flaws do you have? Which alpha male traits do you already possess?

Rank them in terms of importance and start working on the top one. Once you’ve improved it you can move on to the next point.

Top View of Business Shoes on the floor with the text: Strength - Weakness

Focus on what you want

Time to get out that pen and paper again. What do you really WANT. Do you want to lose X amount? Do you want to win that promotion at work? Do you want to charm X women before the end of the year?

Whatever it is, make sure you’re constantly aware of your goals and aspirations, and work on them.

Live on your own terms

This point ties in with what we said before about not being a copycat. From here on out, you write the rules!

No longer do as your told, but do as you want to do. It’s your life, why not own it?!

Live Your Best Life written on desert road

Face your fears

Be a risk-taker, be bold, be confident, and face your fears!

You see how it all ties together? By now you should be able to answer the question of what is an alpha male, right?

To face your fears you need to be confident and you need to know what you want in life. Whether it’s talking to a pretty girl or asking your boss for that promotion: get ready to face your fears and overcome them!

Learn to deal with conflict

Like we said, an alpha male is not rude or a brute. You need to be able to deal with conflict in a mature, civilized manner.

Kids fight and scream, men solve problems.

Closeup business caucasian man shaking hands in city.

Become assertive

We can’t stress this one enough, so we decided to add it again in this section: if you want to become a successful alpha male you have to be assertive.

Real men know what they want and go for it!

Follow all these tips above and you too can become an alpha male!

But that’s not all…

You see, there is one thing we haven’t discussed yet. It’s the role of testosterone – the male hormone – in all of this.

And you really have to understand this role to learn how to become an alpha male.

There’s no alpha male without the male hormone…

Don’t confuse the hormone with steroids! Learn about the difference between testosterone and steroids >>

Handsome muscular man with tattoo posing in European city center, Turin, Italy

Why testosterone is so important for men

Why is it that when talking about being a real man the conversation at some point always gets back to testosterone?

That’s because testosterone is THE male hormone. It’s the number one ingredient in the biological formula that makes you a man.

Why, you ask?

Well, just consider this lovely list of how testosterone makes you a man. Testosterone:

  • Develops your male parts (testicles, penis, the whole junk)
  • Promotes bodily hair growth
  • Deepens your voice
  • Increases strength & stamina
  • Improves muscle mass and size
  • Stimulates fat burn

It’s all this and more that makes you the strong man you are (or aspire to be). Because of that, for an alpha male testosterone levels are of vital importance.

Also Read: The 5 Biggest Advantages Of Higher T-Levels >>

Without high t-levels, you can change your personality all you want but you’ll still look like a small and fragile on the outside…

Funny sport nerd with shadow muscle arms over gray wall

Raise your testosterone levels to become an Alpha male

So how can you boost those t-levels?

The answer: there are many ways!

If you browse around this blog a bit more you’ll find loads of information about how you can increase your testosterone levels and become a powerful alpha male.

To give you an idea, here are 3 of our most popular articles on testosterone:

Alpha male supplement

Looking for a testosterone booster to help you become the alpha male you want to be?

Do you want to safely and naturally boost those t-levels with a trusted alpha male supplement?

If the answer is yes, you’ll want to know more about TestoGen. This 100% natural – but seriously powerful – testosterone booster contains prime t-boosting ingredients to send your t-levels through the roof!

Want to know more? Just follow the button below and get ready to reach alpha male status!

More about TestoGen >>


Being an alpha male is not just about being the biggest baddest guy in the room. Yes, your outward appearance is important and being in shape and packing some muscle will definitely help in your endeavor to become an alpha male.

But there’s more to it than just the physique…

If you really want to learn how to be an alpha male you need to change the way you live and act (especially in social situations) as well.

Follow the steps we’ve described in this article, top it up with TestoGen’s prime-quality testosterone booster, and you’ll be leading the wolfpack in no time, my friend!

Testosterone and Sex

Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

If you’re not happy with the size of your penis, you’ve probably been searching all over the Internet to find natural ways to boost your manhood.

Testosterone is the male-dominant sex hormone, but does testosterone increase penis size?

Let’s look at the role of testosterone in a man’s body, what really determines your penis size, and how healthy t-levels can help you in the bedroom. You’ll want to read this…

macho man

Testosterone and Male Sexuality

Believe it or not, healthy testosterone levels are essential for more than building muscle. Guys need testosterone for cognitive function, bone health, state of mood, and fat burning.

Since testosterone is responsible for androgenic benefits such as the development of your testicles, could one (welcome and appreciated) side effect of healthy levels of testosterone be a boost in the size of your manhood?

Related article: Butea Superba And Testosterone Production – Does it Help?

The studies are clear: optimizing your testosterone levels helps you maintain strong erections and a healthy sexual appetite. But does testosterone make your penis bigger as well? Let’s take a look at the relationship between testosterone production and penis length.

There are two types of sex hormones: testosterone and estrogen. Men and women have both, but testosterone is the male-dominant sex hormone.

In other words, men have far greater levels of testosterone while women produce far more estrogen. Testosterone is all but silent until you hit puberty, then a part in the brain called the hypothalamus turns on the figurative t-faucet full blast.

Check also: Do testosterone injections cause penis growth? >>

Testosterone promotes both anabolic and androgenic changes. Anabolic refers to the size and shape of your muscle tissue. When guys take anabolic steroids, they do so with the intention of getting bigger muscles.

Androgenic is related to physical development such as a deeper voice, facial hair, and sexual health. Compare this to estrogen, which promotes feminine characteristics such as wide hips, bigger breasts, and a higher-pitched voice.

Since testosterone plays an essential role in your sexual development, does testosterone make your dick bigger?

What Affects Penis Development

The size of your penis is determined when you still have no idea what your penis is: during fetal development.

Studies show that male babies who have abnormally low levels of testosterone while in the womb tend to develop a condition called micropenis.

What are the symptoms? The name tells you everything you need to know…

In that same study, researchers gave infants testosterone supplements and followed them into adulthood. The babies with micropenis who had received the testosterone supplements developed into adults with an average length penis.

Far better than the alternative!

Portrait of young man in glasses showing thumbs up isolated over pink background

Testosterone and Different Stages of Male Development

Penis size aside, how does testosterone guide male development?

As mentioned above, once the hypothalamus gives the signal, puberty begins and you can look at the gigantic release of testosterone as the start of the marathon race.

In general, there are several stages that guys go through during puberty:

Boys will notice a sudden growth spurt, and this happens a few times over the short course of several years until guys reach their full adult height.

When they check what’s going on downstairs, they will notice their testicles are getting bigger. The shape of the body begins to change and lean muscle tissue becomes more noticeable. The penis comes into its own, growing in both length and width.

With all this chaos, guys will notice hair starting to grow everywhere, especially in the pubic area, under the arms, and on the face.

If it hasn’t already, the voice starts to drop and deepen into an awkward Barry White. Boys become men once they’ve reached their full height, full penis size, and testosterone production slows down a bit and stabilizes.

Woman lying in bed looking scared to men's genital

Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

So, if testosterone penis size is something that happens while you’re inside the womb, does testosterone increase penis size as a fully-formed adult? You can have abnormally high t-levels as an adult, but unfortunately, that won’t make an inch of difference.

Testosterone and penis size don’t have much to do with one another once you’ve already gone through puberty and become an adult.

What you see is what you get. There are few ways to successfully increase the size of your penis as an adult.

The main method being surgery, which is not something we would recommend due to the risk of infection and side effects.

Testosterone Benefits

Testosterone may not have much to do with penis size once you’re an adult, but testosterone is responsible for a number of important sexual benefits.

Increased Libido

Normal to high levels of testosterone are responsible for a healthy libido and sex drive. Studies have shown time and time again that men with low levels of testosterone also report no interest or drive to have sex.

Not surprisingly, when you give a guy with low testosterone a patch, shot, or supplement for testosterone, the first thing they notice is a boost in sex drive.

Harder Erections

Erectile dysfunction or the inability to get and maintain a hard penis during sexual arousal is a common symptom of low testosterone levels.

Studies show that when men restore their testosterone levels through natural or prescription intervention, the quality and hardness of their erections dramatically improves.

Sexual Confidence

Have you ever wondered why some guys just have the confidence to hit on and attract women? Some studies suggest that testosterone and confidence may have a cyclical relationship. Confident postures and behaviors may increase testosterone in men, and as a result, this testosterone boost may support confidence. So, if you want that alpha male confidence, focus on supporting healthy testosterone levels.

Increase Testosterone Naturally to Feel Better

Whether you’re freaking out about the size of your penis, your performance in the bedroom, that extra weight gain that won’t go away, or how you’ve been feeling lately, focusing on healthy levels of testosterone may be able to provide some relief.

Sure, testosterone can’t do much for your penis size once you’re an adult; however, it can improve self-confidence, upgrade your bedroom game, and make you feel better all-around. Instead of obsessing over the size of your penis, we recommend focusing on improving your testosterone levels and becoming a better version of yourself.

  • Diet: Eat a clean, all-natural diet that provides plenty of lean proteins such as chicken breast, whey protein, and turkey; healthy fats such as salmon and coconut oil; and complex carbohydrates such as wild rice and sweet potatoes.
  • Exercise: Strive to exercise no less than three days per week. Incorporate a combination of strength training and cardiovascular activities such as bike riding or jogging.
  • Supplements: Take a proven testosterone boosting supplement made with all-natural ingredients – nothing illegal or shady. TestoGen combines several scientifically proven ingredients to help boost your testosterone naturally. For stronger erections, consider taking L-arginine as this amino acid has been shown to promote blood flow and stronger erections.


Does Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger? Who Cares?

The hard truth: Testosterone won’t help you get a bigger dick. But why focus on that?

Unless you have a serious medical condition, penis size should be the least of your worries. Support your natural levels of testosterone with a t-boosting supplement like Testogen. You’ll feel better about yourself and your health is far more important. Get your priorities straight: Look at the bigger picture, not one part about yourself that no one cares much about.

Testosterone and Sex

Does Watching Porn Increase Testosterone? – The Facts

Ever since the dawn of civilization (or at least since the invention of film) man has tried to answer an ancient question. One of the most profound, existential queries that has ever faced us as a species. “Does watching porn increase testosterone?”

Now, in the year 2019, we have finally found the long-awaited answer. Will viewing others having sex stimulate our t-levels, will watching the raw display of raging testosterone instantly boost our own T just by watching it?

If porn and testosterone were to join forces, could it be that you can indirectly boost your performance in the gym by watching more porn at home? The answer is here folks – you might want to sit down for this one!


Let’s look into how porn and testosterone are exactly linked and how porn and sexual abstinence can help your low T. Last – but certainly not least – let’s see how you can make sure you’re not overdoing it, because like with most good things in life, you gotta make sure you know when to stop…

Young man watching pornography in kitchen

How are porn and testosterone linked?

Chances are you’ve heard at least one of these statements before:

  • Watching porn can increase testosterone
  • Having sex regularly can increase testosterone
  • Climaxing too often can make you lose testosterone
  • Holding off on sex (abstinence) can increase testosterone

These are just a few of the many claims out there about the relation between sex, ejaculation, porn, and testosterone.

Everybody seems to know they’re linked in some way, but nobody seems to really be sure about HOW they’re linked. So let’s have a look at the science behind it all to understand what that link is exactly.

Two hands connecting puzzle pieces

Sex vs porn

Watching sex and having sex are very different things. You know that, we don’t have to tell you that, but it’s important to stress it at this point in our post.

The thing is, whether sex can increase your testosterone and, if so, how often you should have sex to increase testosterone is a whole different topic. Same thing as the exact connection between masturbation and testosterone.

Of course, it’s all really closely related, so even though it’s not the focus, we will definitely touch upon some of these touchy-topics too. But for now, let’s dig deeper into testosterone and porn!


The science

Let’s start off with the good news. There are loads of scientific studies out there that tried to figure out if there’s a link between testosterone and watching pornography. Main conclusion? Yep, they are definitely linked.

Which, to be honest, is really quite obvious. Testosterone is not only the hormone that gives you energy and strength, but it’s also the hormone that promotes your sex drive, your libido, your mojo…


Tons of studies have proven the connection between testosterone and libido; it’s simply a fact. So it only seems logical that this means testosterone and sex/porn are connected as well. By now, it’s no longer just common sense; it’s scientifically proven.

For example, in one study a bunch of guys were shown different types of films – sexual, aggressive, stressful, or neutral – and before and after their testosterone levels were checked. Conclusion? A significant increase of testosterone in the men who watched the sexual film.

Similarly, in a different study, a group of athletes watched a film that was either sad, eroitic, aggressive, humorous, motivational, or neutral. Conclusion? Just like in the previous study, rising testosterone and porn watching were clearly linked!

Ok, one more example to finish it off, done in a slightly different setting. A study conducted in a U.S. sex club monitored the testosterone levels of men as they enjoyed a live performance, of others having sex. What do you think happened?

That’s right. Up went the D, and so did the T.


Awesome stuff! Time to close this tab and make your way to Pornhub, right…?

Well, no. It’s not the time to be jumping up with joy just yet. Like we said, that was the good news, but unfortunately, there’s also some bad news.

The side notes to consider

So even though testosterone and watching porn are indeed connected, and your testosterone levels rise as you watch some bare-booty action, there are a lot of other buts to consider. Here’s a few of them:

  • Blowing it all

As you watch porn, you get excited (duh, that’s the whole point). The longer you watch it, the more you can feel the tension building up inside you. You feel your heartbeat rising, your blood pumping, your excitement taking control of you, your hands shaking (on purpose or not)…

Until finally, the pressure becomes too much, and all you’ve been building up is violently released in a climactic outburst!

The feeling is great, we all know that, but some studies have shown that you might want to hold off on ejaculating as you might actually shoot away more than just your swimmers…

Man looking shocked topless in bed

  • Finding the balance

Researchers aren’t really 100% sure yet about HOW testosterone and porn are connected. They know they are, and they know watching porn can boost your t-levels, but they don’t know all there is to know…

And because they don’t know exactly how it works, they also don’t know exactly just how much porn one should watch.

Because the thing is, when you watch too much porn, the effect on your testosterone is not that great anymore. Especially if you go all the way every time you watch porn, you might be blowing it all away.

But even without ejaculating all the time, too much porn can be dangerous. Porn addiction is a serious matter for many reasons, and dropping testosterone levels is one of them.

But more on that later. First, let’s have a look at another way in which people try to boost their testosterone levels: sexual abstinence…

Man holding abstinence sign in front of groin

Benefits of sexual abstinence

It’s a popular belief among athletes: abstain from sex to perform better in the gym, the ring, on the pitch, or whatever the location of your sport!

It’s especially common among boxers, following the logic that sex calms a man’s aggression, while abstinence pisses him off. So abstaining from sex before a fight would make a guy more angry; which comes in handy before kicking someone’s ass!


A famous example is Muhammad Ali, who supposedly wouldn’t have sex for weeks prior to an important fight. Many other people have followed his example in the past, from 49ers linebacker Bill Romanowski to professional boxer Lennox Lewis.

Question is though, does it really work? Can you really increase your T by forcing yourself to not have sex for a while? Can abstinence boost your overall athletic performance?

Well, like with most things, the answer is not a simple yes or no: it depends on how you balance it. And then still, research on the matter is conflicting and inconclusive…

Take this German research for example, where men’s testosterone levels were checked after 3 weeks of sexual abstinence. The study showed: increased T for those holding off on sex!

But that’s only 3 weeks of abstinence. An Italian study looked at men who weren’t sexually active for a much, much longer time, and they found the opposite result: decreased T levels!

And that sums up the research out there. Some say yes, some say no, but generally it seems like short-term abstinence can help increase your T, while long-term abstinence won’t help your performance.

Unfortunately, nobody has really found the “golden rule” yet, so for now it seems a bit of a guessing game…


Nevertheless, the effects of short-term abstinence do seem promising, and with a legend like Muhammad Ali supporting it, you might want to give it a try for yourself.

Combine it with watching porn, and you might just be able to reach new testosterone heights! So yeah, if you go back to the question “does watching porn increase testosterone” the answer is: if you do it right then it definitely can!

Man wearing sportswear watch tv on couch

Dangers of porn addiction

Before you go and enjoy your new-found knowledge, there is a little extra side note that needs to be added here: the dangers of pornography addiction.

Of course, you can’t wait to browse for some hot stuff and treat yourself to a movie night, in preparation of a big day in the gym tomorrow, but please be careful!

Porn addiction is a thing, and it can have disastrous effects on both your testosterone levels AND the rest of your life!

Watching too much pornography causes the problem that you get desensitised. In other words, you just don’t get excited anymore because of all the porn you’ve been watching.

Many experts have started suggesting the link between pornography addiction and sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, diminished libido, dropping testosterone levels: all have been linked to porn addiction!

That’s not even all; think about stuff like social isolation due to it. Like with any addiction, your life starts to revolve around it, and as it does the rest of your life has to give in.

You become more socially awkward in public and you more often feel the urge to sneak away during a party or don’t go to the gym because you’re too busy watching porn…

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How to stop watching porn

Easier said than done of course! But no worries, you don’t have to stop watching pornography completely; especially not if you want to increase your testosterone.

But if it seems to be getting out of hand, especially if you start to notice your sex life is being affected by it, you might want to take steps to nip it in the bud. So here are a few tips to help you when you’re wondering how to stop watching porn:

    1. Admit you have a problem and open up about it to your partner, best friend, or anyone else you feel comfortable sharing it with. Next step: install anti-porn software and let them come up with a password you don’t know.


    1. Get rid of any magazines or dvds you have lingering around at home; throw out everything that might tempt you.


    1. Find a hobby to focus on. For example, you can start working out more and hit the gym more often. Or how about whenever you feel the urge to watch pornography you go for a run instead?


    1. Still too difficult to avoid? Then you might want to look for professional help. You can always make an appointment with your doctor to see what options there are.


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So, porn and testosterone, what’s the verdict? Does watching porn increase testosterone? The answer – as backed by science – is a very clear yes!

But there are loads of buts to consider, from whether or not you blow your load to getting sucked in and developing a pornography addiction.

The exact balance has not been scientifically proven yet, so for now the only advice we can give you is to be sensible, and don’t overdo it.