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5 Ways To Naturally Increase Testosterone You Can Start This Week

Nothing gets more attention in the world of male health than testosterone, or T-levels. If you lack this important hormone you basically don’t exist, because it is so important for so many of life’s functions. There are some key things you can do to give your levels a boost and get them percolating in a week’s time.

Be advised that it will take much longer to really get them revving, but you can naturally increase testosterone in a short amount of time.

1. Eat more fat

Far too often, people are still blinded by the low-fat, no-fat idea. What a bunch of bollocks! Do you know what happens when you severely restrict your fat intake? You compromise your hormone release, because hormones are dependent on fat.

Knowing this information, the first thing you can do in a week is to add more fat to your diet. But you want to choose good quality fats. What is a good quality fat? Anything with omega-3 fatty acids in it, like cold-water fish, hemp seeds, chia seeds, and avocados. Coconut, red palm oil, and eggs are also good choices.

Not only will this naturally boost your testosterone levels, but they’ll also promote better brain function and lubricate your joints.

2. Work out on an empty stomach

Here’s a little-known fact. Working out on an empty stomach tells your body it is possibly starving and going to die. As a defense mechanism, it pumps out a ton of growth hormone and testosterone. Voilà! Do this every day that you work out and you will get a nice testosterone boost.

The best time to roll is first thing in the morning after rising from bed. You will be rested and fasted. Drink some water and hit the gym. If you do happen to feel hunger, it will subside once you start working out. Your body is not stupid and it starts to shift gears.

This hunger is only caused because you are accustomed to eating early and your hunger-stimulating hormones are spiked. As you work out, though, a transition occurs where they stabilize and you’ll be fine. And unless you have 2% body fat, you won’t pass out because of a lack of food. Get over it!

Oh, in case the evening is the only time you can work out, try to fast for three or four hours before you start. As long as you go into it somewhat hungry, you’ll be doing well.

3. Train at a high intensity

Much like working out fasted, working out at a high intensity boosts your testosterone levels, too. How intense? Intense enough that you are hyperventilating and can’t carry on a conversation. To reach this point, your best bet is to do sprint intervals.

Start out with a light warm-up for 5 to 10 minutes and then mash it as hard as you can! Stay there for about 30 seconds, then come down to a light pace for 60 seconds.

Return back to a full-on sprint for 30 seconds, then come back down to your low-intensity interval. Alternate back and forth 10 to 12 times and finish up with a light cooldown that is equal to your warm-up.

Granted, if your testosterone levels are already low, you might not have the energy to do this workout full bore, but that’s OK. Do the best you can and just go as hard as you’re capable of going.

Lastly, remember that you can get a bump in T-levels by working out fasted. Give this a spin first thing in the morning to take full advantage of that effect.

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4. Lift heavy weights

Did you ever hear of compound exercises? Good! They involve the recruitment of more than one muscle and joint at the same time. Not only do they allow you to lift heavier weights, but they also kick your testosterone levels up a notch.

Speaking of heavier weights, that is exactly what you want to focus on. The heavier you lift, the more stimulus you will get throughout your body – thus boosting your testosterone levels. Add in a couple days of weight training this week that involve nothing but compound movements.

Bench presses, pull-ups, squats, dips, military presses, deadlifts, and lunges are a few examples. Always aim for 90% quality or better when you are lifting, too. This means you need to execute proper form and not get sloppy.

Simply puts weights are one of the best ways to naturally increase testosterone.

5. Go to bed at a decent hour

A compromised sleep schedule can easily lead to compromised testosterone levels. Since you are trying to lift these levels in a week, it is in your best interests to get to bed at a decent hour every night.

Aim for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night. And to make sure you get the most out of sleeping, make sure you are in a dark, quiet area where there are no obstructions that can wake you up.

When you keep waking up during the night, you interrupt your sleep cycle and this also plays tricks on your hormone levels. You want them to be as steady and unthreatened as possible.


You may feel like the odds are stacked against you, since you are looking for results in a week. But as long as you are willing to follow the steps above to a T and step your discipline levels up one or two notches, you can make magic happen.

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