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5 Tips To Maximize Your Results From Testogen

Anyone can cheat at something and make themselves look better than they are. But what kind of life is that? There’s no authenticity or tact involved. That’s why cheaters never win, even if they fool people into believing that they do.

What does all of this mean? Well, it means that taking Testogen to boost your testosterone levels is not cheating. It’s actually a smart move if you’re having trouble with your T-levels. But if you want to maximize your results, there are certain things you should do. If you don’t, then you actually are cheating … yourself.

1. Stick with the program

Maybe this isn’t a program. But it’s definitely something that can help you out at a pinch. Quite simply, it can take several weeks to a few months before you start seeing any change from using Testogen.

The key is not to get discouraged. When you’re looking to make monumental changes, it sometimes takes a while. The underlying message is to be patient and keep taking Testogen, even if you don’t see any difference right from the get-go.

Chances are, you’re only going to experience improvements in your mood and vitality in the first couple of weeks. It won’t be until you’re about a month down the road that you’ll start to notice progress with your muscle gains. Stay the course!

2. Don’t overstep your boundaries

The recommended daily dose of Testogen is four capsules a day. Thinking you can get ahead of the curve by megadosing and taking more than you’re supposed to is a fool’s errand. You can end up with side effects that will not only hinder your progress but possibly sideline you for an extended period of time.

That would be the worst case scenario. The directions are to take four capsules with food every day. Follow this to a T and you’ll maximize your results. And you’re best served spacing them out so that you get a continuous release of the extracts from the capsules throughout the day.

3. Change your diet

Your overall goal is to boost your testosterone levels. Were you aware that you can do this through the medium of food? It makes sense to include as many foods in your diet as possible that have this testosterone-boosting effect.

These include foods that you wouldn’t think are healthy, like eggs, pork rinds, coconut oil, and red meat. Saturated fat is what these foods have in common. That, along with cholesterol, are what helps to boost testosterone naturally. Of course, you want to keep your intake to moderate levels.

Plus, there are some healthy foods you should also include in your diet that help with test boosting, like cruciferous vegetables. These include kale, collards, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

4. Work out intensely at the gym

Any workout is good for your overall health. But you can crank up your testosterone level by putting your foot on the gas and going at a high intensity. By doing this, your body will naturally produce more testosterone.

Then you’ll have a three-pronged approach. You’ll be eating right, training right, and taking Testogen all at the same time. You’re bound to get a favorable result by putting this game plan into action!

5. Take some time off

According to the universal law of adaptation, your body will get used to whatever stimulus you place upon it during the course of time. Taking Testogen for months and months in a row will have this effect on you. You’ll adapt and it’ll no longer give you much benefit.

Avoid this by using it for a few months, then taking a few weeks off, then repeating this schedule. It’ll be like a shock to the system each time and you’ll keep getting a favorable response.


As long as you’re willing to make some adjustments to your lifestyle, you can easily use Testogen to your advantage. You may struggle to get used to it in the beginning, but that’s to be expected. Once you log a week or two of your new patterns and start feeling the difference, you’ll be excited to stay on track.

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