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Why Higher T-Levels Mean Less Body Fat

A healthy, happy life revolves around various factors – good ones, bad ones, and indifferent ones. Having higher testosterone levels is a good factor that can bring with it, among other things, less body fat.

Having less body fat will open you up to more positive things like increased confidence, a better mood, and possibly a better sex life. All you need to learn now is the why behind this.

Higher metabolic rate

During the course of the day, you go through an abundance of actions that include thinking, talking, walking, digesting food … the list goes on and on.

All of these jobs burn calories, which is known as your metabolic rate. Testosterone is a hormone that balances out your body’s systems. When it is soaring, your metabolism is elevated and on an even keel. This means that you have less chance of hanging on to stored body fat.

More muscle mass

One of the biggest perks of having high T-levels is the effect it has on muscle mass. This works in your favor in a couple of ways when it comes to body fat. First of all, muscle is metabolically active tissue. The more you have, the more calories you’ll burn at rest.

Second, when you have more muscle, you will be stronger and able to lift heavier weights. This can cause you to burn more calories while you are actually working out, since you’ll be working harder.

More energy

Testosterone is a major contributor to energy levels. When your levels are normal, your energy is high. When your levels are higher than the norm, your energy is also higher than the norm.

This allows you to go harder in workouts, and you’ll have more energy to do physical activities during the day. All of this translates to more calories being burned and less fat being stored.

Better mood

When you are in a bad mood or depressed, you don’t want to do things or you lose interest in doing things that you once found satisfying. Low T-levels will cause this to happen. On the flip side, higher levels will cause you to be in a good mood and have a zest for life.

You will then be more apt to do physical things like working out, going to the park, walking your dog, or going for a hike. Any additional physical activity will add up and lead to less body fat.

As an added benefit, when you are in a better mood, you’ll be less likely to reach for unhealthy, high-calorie fare. This is often what happens with emotional eaters.
They use food to medicate their situation. But if you don’t get into a bad mood in the first place, you won’t have to worry about it.


Just for the record, the best way to keep your T-levels high is by eating a proper diet, staying active, stimulating your brain, and getting adequate sleep so that your body can recharge its batteries.

In fact, sleep is when your body releases a generous amount of testosterone and growth hormone. Are you familiar with the morning erection? Well, that’s due to a testosterone dump.

The take-home message is this: Keep your body as healthy as you can and it will produce high levels of testosterone. The end result is you will be able to ward off body fat and, as an added bonus, have high self-esteem.

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