5 Testosterone-Killing Foods You Need To Avoid

Right out of the starting gate, you’re probably intrigued when you hear the word “testosterone.” As well you should be, because this is a vital hormone to the body. It’s the equivalent of high-octane fuel being poured into your car’s gas tank. You can bet your bottom dollar that your car will perform at optimal levels when you put that stuff in there.

The same can be said about your body. With a good release of testosterone, you’ll be unstoppable. But … certain things can have an effect on your test levels and cause you to slow down – namely, food. Certain foods are actually really good, but others are really bad. Your obvious goal is to avoid the bad stuff.

So which 5 testosterone-killing foods do you need to avoid?

1. Soy and soy derivatives

Perhaps the biggest of all offenders when it comes to threatening testosterone levels is soy. It comes in many forms, such as burgers, milk, protein powder, cheese, cold cuts, and yogurt. But at the end of the day, soy is soy, any way you slice it, dice it, or chop it up.

The main problem is that it contains isoflavones, which are akin to the dominant female hormone, estrogen. When you eat a lot of soy and soy products, you end up with higher estrogen levels and your testosterone goes in the other direction. That’s bad news.

You’re best served leaving the soy and all of its cousins on the shelves and out of your body. If you absolutely have to have it, keep your intake minimal and stay far away from GMOs (1). Choose organic and get the least processed type of soy possible, such as edamame, block tofu, or tempeh.

2. Flax seeds

It’s sad to say, but you’re going to have to come to grips with the fact that some otherwise healthy foods are not the best choices when it comes to testosterone. You’ve already seen that with soy and now you’re seeing it with flax.

These golden and brown little seeds have for many years been touted for all their health benefits. And it’s true that they’re high in fiber, have a decent amount of protein, and contain essential fats. But, much like soy, they also ramp up your estrogen levels, thus suppressing testosterone.

Regardless if they’re whole seeds, milled seeds, meal, or oil, it’s in your best interests to skip the flax altogether. Replace it with a seed that you know is safe like chia, hemp, or sesame.

3. Alcohol

Yes, alcohol is a liquid and not technically a food, but the damage it does to testosterone is second to none and it needs to be brought to light. There are a few reasons why alcohol is destructive to you and your hard-earned muscle.

First and foremost, it’s high in calories, so it causes weight gain. Not just any weight gain, though. Predominantly fat gain. Additionally, it causes a substrate to form in your system called acetate, which slows down your metabolism.

High calories plus slow metabolism equals weight gain in a split second.

Finally, and worst of all, excessive alcohol intake slows down your body’s release of testosterone. So you run the risk of getting fatter, weaker, and less defined in one fell swoop by partaking in regular drinking fests.

If you want to avoid this, keep away from the bubbly – or at least cut your intake way down and keep it low.

4. Processed carbs

This is actually an entire group of foods, but they’re all similar. You can call them cakes, you can call them cookies, and you can call them pastries. But together they’re all simple carbs, and they need to be avoided if you want to keep your test levels soaring.

Why? Because they have no nutritional value, they spike your blood sugar, and they contribute to weight gain. When you gain fat, specifically, your testosterone levels go down. Processed carbs are the most notorious for doing this.

Steer clear of any and all processed carbs, including sweet drinks like tea and soda.

5. Excessive food in general

Remember, having excess fat on your body is one of the worst things for your testosterone levels. Eating gargantuan amounts of food, even things that are considered healthy, can cause this to happen and knock your testosterone levels out of whack.

This is the case especially when the weight gain occurs in your belly. The bottom line is that all food can wreak havoc on your test levels if you don’t manage your intake. So eat according to what you need and never get carried away at the dinner table.


Keeping your testosterone levels high isn’t that hard as long as you honor your diet and stay away from a few specific foods. If you’re serious about building and maintaining muscle, this should be an easy chore.

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