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Over 40? Tired? Sluggish?
Off your game?

Reverse the signs of declining testosterone and bring back your zest for life with Testogen

Boosts testosterone levels safely and naturally

Improves energy, strength, libido, fat loss & vitality

Powerful ingredients backed by clinical studies

Fast, noticeable results with just 4 capsules a day

Testogen for men over 40

“The all-natural boost from Testogen has made a big difference to my life”

WILL Pounder

Former US Marine & Professional MMA

Made in the USA in FDA registered facilities

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“Testogen changed my life. I feel amazing. By the end of the second week I could already start noticing a difference”



“This stuff gives you energy all day long! I lost 20lbs of ugly fat and at 55 I feel great!”



“I have so much more energy! In a month I have lost 8lbs and I am so much stronger! I’m 73 years old and feeling 20 years younger!”


“My workouts are great, I’m feeling good, full of energy. I’m getting some more cuts in my abs that I didn’t have before”



“I didn’t think I had a chance to get back in shape but within 2 months I lost my belly fat and co-workers noticed asking if I was working out”

TED, 47, USA


“A better alternative for me than testosterone therapy. Testogen is helping me achieve my strength and muscle goals”



“After 1 month I’m impressed. I have been feeling a lot more alive with loads more energy and just feeling better all round”



“My energy levels and stamina are at an all-time high. After my recent doctor visit, he told me whatever I was doing to keep on doing it”



“It’s helped me tone my body & lose fat. I have more energy at work and when working out & more strength than before”



“This has given me the energy and stamina that I need for the gym and for my adult basketball league”


If any of
this sounds familiar,
you need Testogen

Testogen Testosterone Booster

You feel constantly tired, worn out and running on empty no matter how much sleep you get

Keeping up with your job, your family and everyday life feels like an uphill battle

Workouts that used to be a breeze leave you feeling exhausted and run down

You’re struggling to build (and keep) muscle and your workouts aren’t giving you the results they used to

You’re finding it harder than ever to lose weight or get rid of stubborn belly fat, regardless of diet or exercise

Your libido is fading fast and your performance in the bedroom just isn’t how it used to be

You feel depressed, irritable and unmotivated and you’ve lost the drive you used to have in your 20s and 30s

Reverse the shattering effects of low testosterone and take back your life

Age-related testosterone decline doesn’t have to leave you feeling old before your time. Testogen safely increases your natural testosterone levels to quickly improve your energy, strength, vitality and overall wellness.

Its unique formula contains a specifically selected blend of vitamins, minerals and other natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to help support your body’s testosterone production as you age.

100% Safe & Natural

Contains only natural, thoroughly tested and studied ingredients like D-aspartic acid, fenugreek and zinc to help support healthy testosterone levels in a completely safe way with absolutely no side effects.

Easy To Use

Simply take 4 Testogen capsules each morning to effortlessly boost your testosterone and improve the symptoms of low T. Or for an on-the-go energy kick try our liquid Testogen Instant Testosterone Booster Drops.

Fast, Noticeable Results

You can expect to see an improvement in your energy, mood, focus and vitality in as little as two weeks, and muscle and strength gains within just one month alongside your regular training program.

“I’m feeling good, I feel full of energy and my workouts are great!”

Franco, 44, United States

“I decided to use Testogen because I’m 44, I work out all the time and I’d been feeling real sluggish, kinda down, my energy was low and it was taking a long time for me to recover. I was feeling like I just didnt wanna go work out, because I was just so tired.

I’m pretty virile, I have an active sex life and I never considered that a problem but when I started taking Testogen the first thing that I noticed was I was waking up in the morning like – waking up! That’s the first thing that really made me think ‘something’s happening’.

Now that I’ve been using it about a month, my workouts are great. I still get sore but it’s the sore I’m more used to from when I was younger where I know I had a good workout – not like ‘I can’t work out tomorrow because I can’t move I’m so sore’.

I’m feeling good, I feel full of energy and I’m getting some more cuts in my abs which I didn’t have as much before. Testogen’s been working for me so I’m gonna keep it up!”

Testogen gives your body what it needs to produce more testosterone - naturally

Testogen harnesses the power of nature and science to boost your testosterone and banish the symptoms of low T in three key ways:

1. Increases luteinizing hormone

Luteinizing hormone stimulates the leydig cells in your testes to produce and release testosterone. Clinical studies have found that D-aspartic acid can increase luteinizing hormone levels by 33% and testosterone levels by as much as 42% in less than two weeks.

And Testogen contains more D-aspartic acid per serving than any other testosterone booster on the market.

Meanwhile, natural antioxidants like zinc and vitamins D and K help protect your vulnerable leydig cells from oxidative damage, keeping them healthy so they continue to produce testosterone at optimal levels.

Over 40
life over 40

2. Decreases SHBG

SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) levels increase as you age, which speeds up testosterone decline. This is because as much as 65% of your testosterone binds with SHBG. And once testosterone has bound to SHBG your body is unable to use it . That means the more SHBG you have in your blood, the less “free”, usable testosterone you have.

Testogen contains ingredients such as boron, vitamin D3 and nettle leaf extract that have been clinically proven to decrease SHBG levels and reduce the amount of testosterone that binds with SHBG. Many of Testogen’s ingredients have also been proven to increase free testosterone levels.

The decrease in SHBG and increase in free testosterone will help you feel more physically and mentally energetic, improve your ability to build muscle and burn body fat and boost your overall mood, confidence and happiness.

3. Slows testosterone-to-estrogen conversion

As you age, more of your testosterone gets converted into estrogen. Which is one of the reasons why your testosterone levels naturally decline as you get older while your estrogen levels increase.

Studies have shown that the fenugreek, boron and nettle leaf extract in Testogen may help reduce the amount of estrogen that is converted into testosterone.

With less testosterone being converted into estrogen, your testosterone levels will stay higher for longer, even as you age.

over 40 couple

Puts you back in control of the pace of aging

With Testogen you'll feel:


Boost your energy
and beat fatigue

No more nodding off at work or crashing on the sofa as soon as you get home. Wake up feeling refreshed, power through the work day and still have the energy to hit the gym and enjoy family time in the evening.


Get more from
your workouts

Get your edge back at the gym and break through that frustrating plateau. With increased energy, stamina and a clearer, more focused mind you’ll get much more out of your workouts – even the ones where you’re short on time.

Build muscle
and strength

Quickly see improvements in your strength, recovery times and lean muscle growth when combined with your usual resistance training routine. Maintain your muscle gains more easily and build a fitter, more muscular physique you can be proud of, no matter what your age or starting point.
gain muscle

Burn stubborn body fat

Stop that man gut in its tracks and say goodbye to body fat you’ve been struggling to shift. Burn fat more efficiently, making it easier to lose weight, shed unwanted belly fat and get back into shape.

Revive your sex drive

Reawaken your libido and bring the intimacy back into your relationships. With restored testosterone levels you can welcome back that youthful desire you thought was gone forever. Welcome back that youthful desire you thought you’d lost, feel powerful and confident in the bedroom again and enjoy more satisfying sex.

sex drive

Enjoy life again

Feel energized – both mentally and physically – and driven again. Experience enhanced mood, mental clarity and focus. And enjoy feeling happy, confident and motivated every day.

Testogen’s powerful, synergistic formula provides complete testosterone support to help you regain your vigor and feel like yourself again.
So you can live your best life.

“Testogen changed my life”

Jason, 43, United States

Jason review

“I used the 1 month bottle, like many guys. Honestly I was extremely skeptical about the product. There’s literally 100s of test boosters out there, and so many of them do nothing. I’ve used many others in the past, and almost all of them have had side effects from anger to stomach pain. I had zero side effects with Testogen.

I was hoping to gain some muscle, lose some inches on my waist, but most of all I wanted to not be tired anymore.

By the end of the 2nd week I could already start noticing a difference. Way more energy to get through the day, and definitely more spunk in the bedroom. I feel amazing, I look better and now I even sleep better.

I work out 3 times a week like most guys, but haven’t gained any muscle in years. You can see from my pics, my chest and arms are way bigger and all my shirts fit much tighter(in all the right areas)

Testogen changed my life. I really hope you use my testimonial, and pictures to show a average guy, doing no more than I normally would, can have these awesome results.”


100% natural ingredients clinically proven to safely and effectively raise your testosterone levels

Each of the eleven ingredients in Testogen have been carefully and specifically selected for their proven ability to enhance testosterone production and counteract the effects of low T.

They are backed by years of research and multiple respected studies verifying their effectiveness. And they have been thoroughly tested so they are safe to use, with no side effects.


increase in testosterone
after 12 days *

D-aspartic acid


increase in testosterone
after 12 weeks *



increase in testosterone
after 24 weeks *



decrease in SHBG
binding to DHT *

Nettle Leaf

Image 48


decrease in SHBG
after 6 hours *


Vitamin D


decrease in SHBG
over 9 months *

Vitamin D


increase in luteinizing
hormone after 12 days *

D-Aspartic Acid

Image 48


decrease in estradiol
after 1 week *



increase in
bioavailability *


*Results of clinical studies on individual ingredients contained in Testogen.
For full references please visit the ingredients page

“My physical improvements with Testogen were so significant they could not be my imagination or a placebo effect”

Larry, 73, United States

Larry review“I am 73 years old and started using Testogen about 9 months ago because advancing age, in spite of my continuing with exercise, caused me to lose a lot of strength compared to what I had in younger years.

I ordered a 3-month supply of Testogen and my physical improvements during those 3 months were so significant that they could not be my imagination or a placebo effect. They were definitely real. I regained the strength that I had 10-years ago.

After the first supply ran out I ordered a second 3-month supply. The second supply seemed to be a dud but I was also going through mental stress (personal issues) during that time period. The literature that accompanies Testogen warns us that mental stress can counteract any testosterone booster. Because there was an explanation for the second supply to be ineffective, and the first supply worked great, I gave Testogen another chance by ordering a third supply after the second supply ran out. The mental stress was gone by that time and the third supply worked great.

Because my genetics are pretty average and I am not very big, most healthy 73-year-old men can become as strong as I am (the photo shows me curling a 52 1⁄2 pound dumbbell with one hand) with help from Testogen, a moderate (not excessive) amount of strength-building exercise (such as described in the literature that accompanies Testogen), and a good diet (again, such as described in the literature that accompanies Testogen).

I recommend Testogen together with the literature that comes with it.”

Every daily serving of Testogen is fully loaded with:

D-Aspartic Acid




Red Ginseng




Vitamin D
Vitamin D




Nettle Leaf


Vitamin B6




Vitamin K1


Other Ingredients: Bioperine® 95% piperine (5mg), Hypromellose (vegetable capsule),
maltodextrin, silica, magnesium stearate

Find out more about each of Testogen’s 11 powerful ingredients and the 80+ scientific and clinical studies proving their effectiveness


100% transparent formula manufactured in an FDA approved, GMP certified facility

Unlike many other supplements on the market, every single ingredient in Testogen is fully disclosed, including their exact amounts. There’s no fillers, no “secret” ingredients and absolutely no proprietary blends.

We use the most up-to-date, researched formula with carefully optimized dosages in the right combination for optimal testosterone support. Each ingredient has been thoroughly researched and tested for quality, efficacy and safety.

Testogen is manufactured in FDA approved, GMP certified facilities under the most stringent quality control conditions. So you can purchase with confidence, knowing you are protected by the highest manufacturing and hygiene standards in the world.

Filler free
Chemical free
Synthetic free
GMO free
Soy free
Gluten free
Dairy free
Caffeine free

Complete testosterone support for optimal male performance at any age

Testogen’s multi-action formula provides complete, daily testosterone support for male health and wellness, helping you perform at your best in every area of your life.

Improves muscle growth



fat loss






Improves sexual

Improves sleep

“Testogen is the first product that has worked and actually does what it claims to do”

Dave, 57, United States

Dave review

“At 57 I was satisfied with the muscle I had, but would have been happy to get muscle gain from my workouts. I really wanted more energy & vitality.

For quite some time I have felt lethargic, & never had any energy. For men my age, this is a problem associated with low testosterone. I would have to take a 5 hour energy every day because I felt so exhausted. I do work 12-13 hour days, but I didn’t want to feel like this. I have tried other products, but without any results.

Since I’ve been taking Testogen for a little over a month now, I have more energy. I don’t have to take 5 hour energy anymore. I can sit down now, & not fall asleep. My workouts have gotten better, I think I have gotten a little more muscle. I have also gotten my vitality back.

I didn’t know if any if this was possible. I had tried other products with no luck. Testogen is the first product that has worked, & actually does what it claims to do. I will keep taking Testogen because of the results I have gotten. Thanks Testogen”


3 free gifts with every purchase

Make any Testogen purchase today and we’ll give you all this absolutely free:


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Two 10-week, full-body training plans to maximize testosterone production, strength and muscle gains. Transform your body or just kick your training up a notch with this flexible training system you can use at the gym or at home without equipment.


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Quick, easy meal ideas to make your life simpler (and tastier). Designed by a qualified, registered nutritionist to suit your every goal, hone your inner chef with delicious recipes from energy-boosting snacks to healthy dinners the whole family will enjoy.


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Bite-sized diet, training and lifestyle tips from Testogen ambassador Will Pounder delivered weekly, straight to your inbox. Will’s simple, inspirational advice will help you achieve your goals, live a healthier, happier life and be the best version of you.

*downloadable content delivered by email after you purchase


100 day money back guarantee

We’re confident in Testogen and its clinically backed ingredients. And we have thousands of delighted customers around the world who swear by it. So we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with Testogen too.

But if, after giving Testogen an honest try for at least 50 days, you don’t believe you’re seeing and feeling the results we promise, simply email us within 50-100 days of receiving your order, and providing you meet our money-back guarantee criteria, we will refund your money, excluding a $15 fixed fee to cover shipping and admin costs*.

*Terms and conditions apply. Guarantee applies to purchases of over one month’s supply and only on first purchase. Click here to read the full terms of our refund policy.

Our money back guarantee applies to purchases over one month’s supply. That’s because normal testosterone production – and the amount of testosterone required to produce different effects in the body – vary widely between men.

Although almost all of our customers experience rewarding results within the first month, testosterone levels are known to improve slowly over time. The longer you supplement with Testogen, the better your results.

Which is why we recommend you purchase one of our Testogen bundles. There’s some great money-saving deals available now on all bundles. You’ll make extensive savings and be fully covered by our money-back guarantee. And of course, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of increased testosterone.

To read the full terms of our money-back guarantee policy please click here.


Testogen is your missing link

You’re exercising, eating right, taking vitamins every day, doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing to manage your testosterone levels. But something is still missing.

Testogen is the missing link that will give you the boost you need to finally see a real, noticeable improvement in your energy, mood, libido, muscle growth and more. 

All the essential nutrients your body needs to support healthy testosterone production in one daily supplement. No matter what your age. 

With Testogen, you’ll really feel the difference.

Will holding Testogen (Natural Testosterone Booster)

“The all-natural boost from Testogen has made a big difference to my life”

WILL Pounder

Former US Marine & Professional MMA


“What a difference, body was pumping the extra strength I need at the gym, I’m feeling stronger than ever”



“I was sceptical at first thinking this was another ‘fountain of youth product’. I’m glad I was wrong!”



“I definitely feel more energetic even after a long day’s work. I train 5 days a week and still find energy to cook dinners for the family”



“I feel like I look better than I ever have. I feel like I’m in my early 20s again”


“I’ve had more restful nights sleeping as well as minimal (if any) soreness following workout days”



“I can workout longer and run a lot more without tiring as I did in the past”



“I lost over 15lbs and had a significant boost in focus and motivation, and the energy benefits have been immense”



“I have more strength and I’m more focused and confident than before using Testogen”


100% safe, natural ingredients with no side effects

Manufactured in the USA & UK in FDA approved facilities​

Ingredients backed by 25+ clinical studies & research papers​

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Testogen is designed for men of any age over 18, but it is particularly beneficial for men over 40 who are beginning to experience the effects of age-related testosterone decline. 

Raising your testosterone levels can help you if you’re:

  • Lacking energy, motivation and generally feeling lethargic
  • Struggling to build muscle, losing strength or just want to improve your results in the gym
  • Trying to lose stubborn body fat such as belly or chest fat 
  • Feeling like your sex life has gone downhill and want to improve your libido

Testogen’s powerful, all-natural formula provides complete testosterone support to help you regain your vigor and feel like yourself again. So you can live your best life. 

You can have a blood test for testosterone levels, but you might be disappointed with the results. For example, someone between 40 and 49 years old with a free testosterone level anywhere between 5.3ng/dL and 26.3ng/dL is considered healthy. That’s a vast range, effectively meaning that someone could have five times as much testosterone as you whilst both of you are considered healthy.

The best advice is to pay attention to how you feel and perform. If you feel like your performance or mood has dropped as you age, then improving your testosterone levels can help you get back to your old self.

The results of testosterone supplementation will vary from person to person. However, if you take Testogen as described and follow a healthy diet and exercise regime, you should experience the noticeably positive effects of having elevated testosterone levels.

Simply take 4 Testogen capsules daily, 20 minutes before your breakfast for best results. Please note that Testogen is for adults aged 18 or over.

This depends on which Testogen products you’re taking.

The short term benefits of Testogen Instant Booster Drops can be felt almost immediately after taking them. Testogen capsules take a little longer with long-term benefits being felt in as little as two weeks. Testogen levels are known to improve slowly over time so the longer you supplement with Testogen the better your results.

Testogen is completely safe for consumption with no known side effects reported. Each of the 11 ingredients in Testogen are 100% natural and do not contain any artificial steroids or other harmful substances.

As with any supplement or food, some people can have allergies or intolerances. If you have any problems whilst taking Testogen, we recommend that you stop taking it and seek your doctor’s advice. Also, we offer a full 100-day money-back guarantee so if you have any problems you can return it for a full refund.

Testogen will help your body to increase testosterone in a completely natural way, so there is no limit, as such, to how long you take it.

When using Testogen in the long-term, you may notice an occasional plateau in your results. Although rare, this can happen as a result of your body naturally adapting to supplementation. To counter this, we recommend taking a break from Testogen for a week or two.

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We’ll always do our best to track and update you with any potential delays to your order.