• Increase your Strength and Stamina through Improved Muscle Size
  • Sharpen your Focus whether at Work or Play
  • Banish Tiredness, Irritability, Loss of Concentration and Excess Body Fat
  • Reverse loss of stamina and decreased muscle tone

Testogen Can Help You To:

  • Increase Your Strength
    Enjoy more strength, stamina and improved muscle size.
  • Sharpen Your Focus
    Improved energy levels, calmness and concentration.
  • Lose Excess Body Fat
    Increase muscle tone and poor libido.
  • Thousands Of Satisfied Customers
    Check out the testimonials from our happy customers.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
    Testogen is 100% guaranteed to work.

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Why TestoGen?

There’s plenty of evidence showing the essential connection between testosterone and muscle growth and Testogen can help you to increase your own levels naturally.

D-aspartic acid, just one of our 11 powerful ingredients, has some interesting research to back it up too.

  • An observational study in infertile men suggested that taking 2.66 grams of D-AA for three months increased their
    testosterone levels by 30-60% and sperm count and mobility
  • A controlled study in healthy men found that taking 3 grams of D-AA supplements daily for two weeks increased testosterone levels by 42%. (3)

With TestoGen you’ll be getting daily D-aspartic acid along with 10 other specifically chosen nutrients.
Our formula was designed to help your body produce testosterone, by supplying essential nutrients connected to its production.

Highest Quality And Guaranteed!


TestoGen Testimonials

TestoGen really works, and we’ve got plenty of genuine testimonials from men just like you to back it up.



“TestoGen is the product I’ve been waiting for all my life.” HABIB



“I’ve increased my strength and gained 7lbs of lean muscle” NOLAN



“I’ve lost weight, feel more active, and have much more confidence.” MOHAMMED

*PLEASE NOTE: Results vary depending on your personal health, current weight, goals and effort. We cannot guarantee results based on individual differences.

TestoGen FAQ’s

1. Who is TestoGen suitable for?

Any adult man i.e. over the age of eighteen, looking to raise their testosterone level. TestoGen contains natural testosterone boosters and no possibly harmful manufactured steroids. It is popular with men who are keen on bodybuilding, endurance events, athletes of all kinds, in fact any activity that requires strength and stamina.

2. How long will it take to work?

There should be signs of improvement in your mood, focus and vitality in a week or so. Muscle development and strength won’t happen as quickly, but you could see a difference in a month to six weeks if you keep up a training programme.

3. How will things improve when I take TestoGen?

TestoGen will improve your mind and body making you look and feel good. The eight main active ingredients work together to increase your testosterone levels bringing you increased strength and stamina through lean muscle development so your can train harder, faster and for longer. Excess body fat will be a thing of the past. It improves your love life through an increased libido and the means to perform better! Other benefits include enhanced focus and motivation, a lighter mood and lower stress levels, even a reduction in cholesterol and blood pressure.

4. Are testosterone supplements safe?

If used according to the directions, TestoGen is very safe yet effective. TestoGen’s natural testosterone boosters are derived from herbs and minerals; some of these have been used in Asian traditional medicine for centuries. Of course, we can’t speak for all testosterone boosting supplements.

5. Does TestoGen contain any banned substances?

TestoGen contains only pure, natural ingredients but laws are different between countries and some herbs may be banned. If you are playing sport or other physical competitive activity, check the relevant sports authorities’ regulations in your own country about taking supplements. We ship worldwide but it is your responsibility to check whether everything in a supplement is acceptable. TestoGen clearly states all ingredients on the label to make this straightforward.

6. How many capsules can I take daily?

Adults, take 4 capsules approximately 20 minutes before your breakfast. Directions should be followed on both workout and non-workout days.

7. Can I take TestoGen for long periods?

TestoGen will help your body to increase testosterone in a completely natural way so there is no limit, as such, to how long you take it. However, your body may get lazy and slow down doing all the work itself if you are on a supplement all the time. It’s a good idea every few months to take a break for a couple of weeks or so to make sure your normal functions are, well, functioning properly.

8. Do I have to make any changes to my diet?

No. In fact, as your testosterone levels rise your body will be able to use proteins more efficiently, helping to build muscle mass.

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