The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Testosterone

There’s a lot of rubbish on the Internet.

Just about anyone in the free world with access to it can post their opinion for all to see. And that’s the point – it’s often opinion, especially on social media, and uninformed opinion too.

We took a look at what’s being said about testosterone and were amazed at what we found. Here’s The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Testosterone:

It’s illegal to boost your testosterone if you compete in sport

It is illegal in most situations to take anabolic steroid hormones (which includes synthesized testosterone) unless under medical supervision. If you compete, then you’ll find most sports organisation ban it. But naturally boosting your own testosterone using a supplement containing only natural ingredients is not illegal. Make sure there are no hidden nasties in your supplement though, by purchasing from a reputable source.

It’s dangerous to boost your testosterone because it’s a steroid

There are many types of steroid which are produced naturally in the body. Testosterone is just one of them, along with cortisol and cholesterol. Boosting your natural testosterone has been shown to be safe because your body is either making more, or slowing down the depletion process. The problem of safety arises if you take one of the so-called “designer” steroids to achieve a similar effect, as there is very little proof that they are safe.

Don’t take a booster – it’ll make you aggressive

The ‘cave man’ effect is an old, but still popular view on having your testosterone levels on the high side. Some men are naturally, err, unpleasant for reasons unrelated to testosterone and use verbal or physical violence. Actually, it’s men with LOW testosterone who are more likely to be difficult.
Most aggression-related crimes and disturbances are more likely to be fuelled by alcohol, but nobody’s banning that universally.

Take a testosterone booster and your man boobs will disappear

Okay. You have man boobs and have read that boosting your testosterone will help to reduce fat deposits. In fact, taking a testosterone booster to lose fat is a little like putting petrol in your car. Unless you fire it up, the car still won’t move. It’s the same with your fat deposits, including man boobs. You need to take exercise and eat sensibly to lose fat; although raising your testosterone will help, it can’t do it all by itself.

There’s no point boosting your testosterone as you get older

So you’re going to give up? Your life is fine as you drag yourself through work, watch sport at weekends because you’re not fit enough to play any more, and would rather slob out in front of the TV? Does everything irritate you these days? And how’s your love life? You can boost your flagging testosterone by using the right supplement – such as TestoGen – which will help you to get your mojo back, not to mention your enjoyment of life.

You can’t boost your testosterone level – you’re born with it

That’s not true on a number of levels. To start with, testosterone doesn’t kick in until puberty, when the testes develop. As you get older it starts to decline naturally – but you can do a few things to reverse this. The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ applies to libido and lean muscle so get more active, in the gym and the bedroom. Make a few diet changes and take a good supplement such as TestoGen to help things along. You won’t know yourself in a couple of months.

Boosting your testosterone will make you go bald

This was a defence favoured by men when baldness was generally seen to be unattractive – ‘I’m bald because I am such a sex god!’ In any case, it’s far more likely to be a genetic thing since men with similar levels of testosterone have been shown to have anything from thick, flowing locks to total baldness. So if you’re destined by your genes to develop the shaved head look, then you’re stuck with it whatever your testosterone levels.

So next time you’re down the pub or in the locker room and you hear anything stupid being said about boosting your testosterone, you can put them right. And don’t forget, if you do choose to use a supplement to help boost your testosterone, make sure it contains only natural, proven ingredients with no sneaky artificial steroids lurking in there. TestoGen for example fits the bill perfectly and comes highly recommended.

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