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TestoGen Ingredients Learn The Secrets Of Our New Formula

You work hard. You play hard. You deserve the best. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get with our powerful new TestoGen formula.

It took a lot of time, sweat, research and development, but the new formula is finally here.

So, what does this mean for you? Quite simply, you can expect to see better results than ever before. Not only have we boosted the levels of some of the old, key ingredients, but we’ve also added new ones that’ll help ramp up your testosterone levels even more.

And if you’re brand new to TestoGen, you’ve come to the right place at the right time, and you’re in for a great experience. All in all, we care about you and we want to do what’s best for YOU.

So, what’s actually new?

You like to ask the pressing questions, don’t you? And you deserve an answer, so here it is.

First things first, the new ingredients in the updated formula will give you truly kickass results. But these aren’t just any run-of-the-mill ingredients. They’re powerful, natural ones that have been proven give a huge boost to your testosterone levels.

And as if that’s not enough, we’ve increased the doses of some of our other key ingredients, and included more absorbable forms of two others. The new ingredients work in harmony with the increased amounts, giving you a well-balanced formula that pumps energy and life back into your veins.

New ingredients

Here’s a breakdown of the new, natural ingredients that make TestoGen better than ever before:


Have you ever heard the word “bioavailable” before? And no, it has nothing to do with relationships. It refers to the rate at which something is broken down in your system. Whey, for example, is said to have a high bioavailability and is often called the gold standard of protein powders.

Derived from black pepper, Bioperine’s main function in the formula is to make all the other ingredients in TestoGen more bioavailable. This means your body will break them down easier and you’ll get better results.


This trace mineral has taken the place of selenium in the new formula. Boron has been proven to boost t-levels by a whopping 28% after a dose of just 10 mg per week.

It works by blocking the sex hormone-binding globulin, and also helps lower your estrogen levels. The end result is a huge boost in testosterone.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Often simply referred to as ‘nettle’, this compound is used to treat problems like asthma, inflammation and hair loss. But guess what? It’s also been shown to boost t-levels, and that’s why you’ll find it in our new formula.

Read more about stinging nettle and testosterone connection >>


You may be aware of a substance called Tribulus Terrestris. This has been used as a natural testosterone booster for years, and it was in the old formula. But times have changed, and so have we. That’s why we’ve replaced it with a healthy dose of magnesium, which has an even more powerful effect on t-levels. In fact, studies have shown that men taking 750 mg of magnesium a day saw a huge 26% increase in their testosterone levels.

As an added bonus, you may be interested to know that magnesium helps reduce fatigue, keeps your metabolism revving and is important for muscle contractions.

Vitamin K

The claim to fame of vitamin K is its ability to slow down and prevent clogging of the arteries. Whilst this vitamin doesn’t have a direct impact on testosterone levels, it does help with the absorption of one of our other key ingredients: vitamin D.

Studies have shown that vitamin D is a powerhouse when it comes to boosting testosterone. Because of this, we decided to up the ante and added 500% more vitamin D to the new TestoGen. And when vitamin K meets vitamin D in the system, it helps to break down the vitamin D, which means you can reap even more of the benefits.

By having both vitamin D and vitamin K well represented, you’re in line to experience the synergistic benefit they create together.

What else has changed?

Alongside all the new ingredients, we’ve also added more absorbable forms of vitamin B and zinc, both of which have been known to contribute to higher testosterone levels.

If you think all that sounds good, this should be the icing on the cake for you: our new formula has 15% more D-aspartic acid, which has the potential to boost t-levels by a massive 45% in just a few short weeks. And now, TestoGen has more of this awesome ingredient than any other product on the market.

When you combine all of the new ingredients with the enhanced old ones, you’re left with a truly cutting-edge formula.

If optimal health, better brain function, a higher sex drive, muscle preservation and having heaps of energy are on your list of priorities, the new TestoGen formula is a product you should really try out.

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