5 Symptoms Of Low T-Levels

Table Of Contents

  1. Low or no energy
  2. Lack of sex drive
  3. Depression
  4. Lack of concentration
  5. Muscle loss

Life is great when your systems are firing on all cylinders. But when you get struck with an obstacle like low T-levels, that can change quickly. With the exception of the aging process, there is no concrete explanation of why this happens. Everyone is very different and some get hit harder than others.

Regardless of how low your T-levels are, there are several signs you can watch out for to see if you might be suffering from this. Once you recognize them, you can move forward with an adequate remedy to boost them back up.

1. Low or no energy

Although there are plenty of signs that your T-levels might not be up to par, lack of energy sits pretty high on this list. And there are several adjuncts to this, as well.

What you want to specifically look for is getting tired when you do things that shouldn’t be causing you to get tired. Compare this to times when you were younger.

For example, if you’ve worked at your job for 20 years, followed the same routine, followed the same diet plan, and recently recognized that you are getting really tired in the middle of the afternoon, your T-levels might be low.

If you feel so tired on a daily basis that you can lie down and take a nap at any given moment, it’s even a bigger indicator.

And this will often be the result no matter how much sleep you get at night. In fact, a lot of men who suffer from low T-levels complain that they sleep for 8 or more hours a night and never feel rested the next day. If this sounds familiar, your levels might be off.

2. Lack of sex drive

Another telltale sign that your T-levels might be low is that you lose interest in sex, have low or no sex drive, and have trouble achieving or maintaining an erection. This is all caused because testosterone is the dominant male sex hormone.

3. Depression

Dopamine and serotonin are known as the happy hormones. They are neurotransmitters that get released naturally and when you eat certain foods. Although testosterone is not known as a happy hormone per se, it is still important for regulating mood.

If you find yourself getting mad at irrelevant things, having a short temper that you never had before, or getting depressed easily over things that didn’t used to phase you, then you might have low T-levels.

You might also encounter mood swings, anxiety, and a lack of interest in hobbies or things that once got you excited. For example, you might have been into playing the guitar and got great pleasure from practising a couple of times a week or taking lessons. Now, you no longer get satisfaction from it and it has no positive effect on your mind or mood.

4. Lack of concentration

The ability to stay focused and concentrate is very important for life’s daily chores. You need to be present at your job, be attentive to your kids who need help with homework, and figure out taxes, bills, and other matters pertaining to your house and life.

When your T-levels are low, you may find yourself struggling to do any or all of these tasks.

5. Muscle loss

Testosterone is the main hormone involved with building and maintaining muscle. You will know if your levels are low because you will experience what’s called catabolism. This is where your muscle basically wastes away.

You will also notice a loss of strength and cardiovascular output. Simple jobs like walking up a flight of steps while carrying a bag of groceries will cause you to get out of breath. And you will notice that you can’t lift as much weight in the gym.

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You now have a solid set of signs to watch out for when it comes to T-levels. If you suspect your levels might be low, it’s a good idea to start looking at how to turn the tables. Testogen is a good supplement to help you out, first and foremost. Plus, make sure to follow a healthy diet, avoid excessive alcohol, and get on a regular sleep schedule.

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